Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eric Browning


Eric Browning has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Command prompt FINAL

Supervlieg, Jesterspawn, you guys are awesome- thanks for those suggestions. I could have used you last week! :slight_smile:
Time is up for me so I picked one element to fix because it was the most alarming- the blending together of the two characters. Hopefully his helps.
The plants are a real sore spot- they really needed more research and work. Same with the clouds- and I actually had good ref for them that I just haven’t been able to find. Crap. Time to let go.


Good to see you back, Eric. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!



“Command Prompt” is the title, and here’s my concept sketch. It is simply a big robot and his master, the master has died, and the robot waits for his next command.


Wow, I love that idea! Very emotional and right on with the theme. I loved your Space Opera piece and I’m sure this one will be amazing as well!


Good intensity of the drama I waits to see more details,
good luck.


Oo! You’re THAT ebrowning. . . I’ll sit back and wait to be amazed. Loved your GSO entry as well and look forward to seeing you develop this idea. Very touching concept.


Walrus, Tranchefeux, Evil Gerbil, Ilikesoup- good to see you again! Thanks for stopping by, and good lluck to all of you! I’m glad they started a new challenge so quickly.

Ilikesoup- love the Satchel Paige quote- had to go look him up and read more!


Working out the colors- I’m happy with the direction although I’ll need to add some more saturated colors. I’ll hit that tomorrow. Thanks for looking!


At the first glance and/or hear it first time sounds very traditional and cliched. BUT, you have made it already original by very first sketches; the name of the picture as “command prompt” and dare to portray something so familiar in an original scope of view and bounding it with a theme of “master and servant”; i can say “brillant” for it.

I think this piece is one of the shiny scenes of this challenge. From now on you are one of my favourites.


It’s looking good, Eric! I kind of like the desaturated colors, as they add an appropriate feeling of melancholy to the piece. It’s hard to tell exactly what you’re going to be doing with the background yet… Will it just be a natural landscape? If it is, it might give the feeling that this guy just died in the middle of nowhere. On the other hand, destroyed cities in the background could lend the impression that there’s no-one left alive, and no-one to give the robot any more commands. Both are interesting directions, I look forward to seeing where you go with it.



kuzgunoglu- thanks for that!

walrus-the background will be a natural landscape, I want it to have no signs of other people so it makes sense that no one else has stopped by to give the robot a new command. I’m going for breezy and pleasant- like sitting on a hillside somewhere along the California coast. While it may be heavy handed, I think it’ll make a nice contrast against the dead guy.


Command Prompt…I love it! What a kick ass title and subject, I look forward to your updates.


Hi Eric

I like your idea a lot. Congratulations! I was thinking in a grave I saw in a cementery in Havana, Cuba, where I was born. A woman dead and her dog went to her grave and stood there. The family took it back home and it returned to the cementery, over and over, until it died. Amused by this, the family made an horizontal sculpture over the grave with the image of the lying woman and the dog sitted at her feet. So, about your work I think probably it could be even more dramatic that the master is lying dead in his bed with his servant in the same position waiting for an order.


I’m starting to do the drawing now, one more morning session should do it.


Good Luck.:thumbsup:


can you belive it! I had just about the EXACT same idea for my piece. Oh well, you were first and doing it much better than me, so it looks like its back to the drawing boards for me!


Well thanks for the complement, Ephesus! You’re welcome to continue down the same path- it’s not like I own the idea. By the way, I looked at your website- nice!


eh, that darn website is so old. I havent bothered to update it with new stuff in at least 2 years. Thats on my “to do” list. You know how that goes.

thanks for the OK…I may continue with the idea, but as I am typing I am getting another idea…:slight_smile:


This is as far I’m going to take the line drawing, I think it will get the job done. I guess I could go farther, but I like the looseness of my original concept, so I’m leaving some areas to play with when I paint.


I think this concept is brilliant…quite emotional and sad.

Very cool.

Thumbs up