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Emrys Aldersley has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Line Art: Lucky

Lucky the slave.
I like the idea of making him a mime.
Esp. since in the second act he looses his tounge (and his Voice that he never had)
since although in act one he can speak he cannot voice his opinions or say anything without his masters permission.


Just trying to come up with some ideas. Figured Id put them out there. I know they arnt properly formulated and the sketches are really dodge but hey.
This way nobody can steal my ideas :slight_smile:


Idea 1:
This idea came from the play Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett
In this play there are only 4 charachters; Estragon and Vladimir who are two old tramps waiting in some indeterminate time and place for Godot who never appears and we never find out who or what he is. In each of the two almost identical acts 2 other characters enter; Pozzo, a landowner and master and his servant/slave Lucky who he has tied to a rope (around Luckys neck which he pulls to enforce his commands. Lucky carries everything with difficulty and does everything for Pozzo. In the first act he is even made to perform (like a bear) He can sing dance or think. They choose thinking and he ‘philosophises’ until they make him stop. In the second act they appear again this time Lucky now dumb pulls the rope leading Pozzo, who is now blind. As far as symbolism goes you could think of it as the realisation of Pozzo (the masters) blindness to the sufferings of his people and that Lucky(NB irony of name) has finally lost the voice that he never really had but that he is now in charge of his masters destiny.

I really liked the imagry of this and think it culd work really well.

Idea 2:
Man and machine.
The relationship between man and his machines. Machines where built to serve mankind but in the end become the masters as humanity ends up serving its own creation.

Like this idea as I know I for one feel like a slave to my computer/Cell Phone/and other technological gadgits. They are supposed to make your life easier but do they really?

The only problem I do have with it is that it could be a little bit to much like the machine flesh comp.

Idea 3:
A Techmarine with servo skulls and other servants helping him to explore a space hulk.
the techmarine or Tech priest (havent decided yet) has trully mastered the spirits of the machines he uses.

Ive got a few other ideas but thats enough rambling for now.


Idea 4:
Ok Idea 4 is the Idea of being a servant to time.
Sure its not the most origonal of ideas but I still think its quite cool.

some other quotes Ive found that are interesting and have sparked of some ideas:

from George Bernard Shaw: "Physically there is nothing to distinguish human society from the farm-yard except that children are more troublesome and costly than chickens and calves, and that men and women are not so copmletely enslaved as farm stock.

And another Shaw: “When domstic servants are treated as human beings it is not worth while to keep them” Man and Superman

“Better to reign in hell, than serve in heaven” Milton Paradise Lost

:shrug: so yeah any comments or sugestions definatly welcome!


That is what my drawing table looks like when I get started! I give you full marks for showing them, for me they are too personal to share. Good Luck!


lol Thanks

yeah I might end up regretting it.
But the main reason is so I will actually get into this competition. I signed up for the grand space opera one and ended up never getting around to doing anything other than a single little thumbnail of an idea that never left the exam pad I did it in.

So hopefully this way Ill actually get something done.


Ok Ive almost made up my mind. I think Im going to go with idea 1.

Concept sketches to follow.


Thinking of using this as the basis for the setting of my image.

Definatly realising that I have gotten rather rusty at drawing anything other than a slight thumbnail sketch.

So Im going to need to do a lot of practising.
Who am I kidding Ill just practice on this challenge. That way my practicing might be of some use to me.

Ill probably crop this so only half the stairs are visable.


Cool I like the idea of the theater and you could do some cool lighting effect on the image.

Can’t wait to see more:thumbsup:


Thanks Dirk.

yeah I think the idea could work out quite nicely.

need to get this “stage” right first.
Want to get the whole circles within circles thing to come together.
Ill probably do some more of it digitally as its easy to move circles around when they are grouped and you dont have to erase them every time you stuff up.


Basic Idea for the masters face. Maybe.


Figured since hes the master Im gonna give him a top hat.
Probably have it lop sided on his head.

Its great doing this on a computer its so easy to draw a perfect circle. bwahhahaha


Just put the head and the hat together.
Not really happy with this but you might if you look really hard be able to see where Im trying to go with this.


Still not happy but since I want to have a comical element as well as the severe and deaper side and since I want the characters to be clowns.

Figured a perfect top hat really wouldnt work.


Trying to work out how exactly I want the characters to be standing.
Think this sort of pose (with a lot of reworking) should work for the scene on the left.


Some work on the master.

I want them to be clowns. think the master needs to look alloof and uncaring. He is unsimpathetic to the plight of the slaves.


Lucky the slave.
I like the idea of making him a mime.
Esp. since in the second act he looses his tounge (and his Voice that he never had)
since although in act one he can speak he cannot voice his opinions or say anything without his masters permission.


Had no idea you had done so much for your cg challenge, looking good!
I like your stairs sketch.


You have done more than I have, Looking good I like the master and the idea of the slave maybe you can have some blood leaking out of his mouth to emphisise the speachless concept and it would look quite sick.

Good luck can’t wait to see more


Thanks Mike.
Yeah I decided to do some drawing after you left last night.

See being sick does have its benefits. I sat on the couch and started doodling then suddenly felt inspired.

Still not happy but it seems to be coming together a bit better already.