Master and Servant 2D Entry: Emrah ELMASLI


Emrah ELMASLI has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Line Art: lineart

Here’s the lineart…i’ve done a black and white paint job on the sketch…now i’m going to start to color it right away…any suggestions?


I’ve been waiting for you to enter! I wish you the best of luck!


whats up Emrah! I’m gonna give this one a go as well… good luck man!


Good luck!
İ can’t wait:thumbsup:


great to see you partake again , have fun !


Oh cool, another awesome artist entering! I’m eager to see your take on this theme :slight_smile:


Looking forward to your final image…
your space opera was the coolest orange space scene i’ve seen around!



Welcome, man and good luck. I’ll look forward for your posts:)


hi emrah…
good to see you again…
good luck…
kolay gelsin …:thumbsup:


wow…i’m so late for this. I was so busy and have just started to scribble some stuff for this event.Nothing special yet. Just trying to get into mood. I’ll do more of these…


wow thats looking awesome already, can’t wait to see how this one develops


I was beginning to think…where the hell is Atmspheria? Knowing what you did in the past, Emrah, I’m sure this one will blow our heads off, too. Can’t wait to see more.


same as andreasrocha… I was thinking “where is HE?”
you’re in now :wink:
good luck and welcome man :slight_smile:
nice first sketch


oh yea, thank you guys. I’m a bit late but i hope i’ll catch you up. I need to be fast…


welcome and good luck…nice first sketch for sure
can i see your space opera entry that these guys are talking about…lol
link please :smiley:


well…i did this before the first sketch i posted. I didn’t like the idea but just wanted to give a chance to this sketch. well…it’s crap immo…any way. Gonna go back to the first idea i guess…


Good idea. I wish good luck!


i’ve been waiting for your entry! and i’m excited about how will these sketches develop.
both of them are great !!
i like the waterclour feel in the first one…

Good luck:thumbsup:


that new sketck or wip update really struck my cord!

i love it. great work and i will be awaiting updates!


I hope you will find a good concept and story to start soon. We are waiting to see new good paintings with your style.