Master and Servant 2D Entry: Eduardo dos Santos Janiszewski


Very nice lineart and a cool concept, but you better work fast to get this done!! (Time…gosh…)


well, I see the time is off now.
I got to travell and got smashed by huge amount of business stuff at the final phase, so I had to stop it for a while.
Now I will retake it and finish it, slowly now…
But will keep you all informed if I take to elsewhere on CGTalk so I can appreciate your valuable oppinions here.

Thank you, thanks a lot.


hi djampa!
i want to thank you for my “lovecats” title! in all the stress i forgot that somehow! thanks!!! :bounce::bounce::bounce:

i´m sorry you didn´t make it this time… i really love the samurai theme (<–me practising kendo a little :))

hope to see you around next time!




The idea and the drawing are very good at my point. Congratulations!


boa noite :slight_smile: pitty you never finnished this one, hope to meet you next challenge. Just letme kno9w too when you choose to take up the progress again. see ya then, :slight_smile: manero


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