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Latest Update: Final Image: Honey for the Queen

Honey for the Queen!
My concept was the Queen Bee and her worker bees bring honey to her. I’ve gotten comments that she looks disgusting and disturbing… which is kinda the direction i wanted to go… being the theme is master and servant. Hm… My thought process… being my character is a Queen bee, I’ve bling’d her up, and portrayed her as a large woman because a queen (in my mind) should be well fed and clothed, and doesnt’ need to maneuver or do much. For her features, I went with the Bee-stung lips and Beehive hairdo… because i felt it enhances her character. the pot of honey was used to link the relationship between the queen and bees. The pot of honey being a central focus to the master and servant relationship in my theme, i’ve decided to use it as a lightsource. The flowers in the backgroudn was actually last minute, i initially wanted the setting to be in a beehive, but i thought the flowers could be a good hangout place for teh bees to get pollen for honey… so it was probably a better direction to go. Had I chose to expand the image, i probably would have placed them on a platform in a hive with flowers behind the throne. I wanted the overall look of the painting to look liek one of those renaissance painting of queens or of that nature. Mine probably doesn’t even come close to those master pieces but i wanted that feel.

All in all, i learned alot from this challenge… and definitely felt i’ve stretched my limits. tho the background didn’t get developed as far as i liked it to but i happy to see where it’s at. Can’t wait for the next one! thanks for all who commented in the thread!

good luck to all!
Now i can get some rest…


i’m off to a late start. but hope i can make the deadline.
lots of Amazing entries so far.


I\'ve decided to go with the Queen bee Concept and her tiny bee slaves.
She\'s in a reclining pose inside hive.

I was having a hard time choosing between my other 3 choices… so i just chose the last one i came up with… which is hte QueenBee one u see here.
might explore some of the other ones later if i have time.

comments welcome.


Came up with some color concepts for my idea. I’ve also added a jar of honey as a light source and a kind of focal point for the bees to go to. HOpe i’m not straying too far from my idea…(The bees being the servants of this queen bee… who needs her honey fix).

Not sure which one to go with at the moment… i’m thinking the blue is kind of too cool (too much like in an icecave)… but it gives the jar of honey pretty cool contrast.


started workin’ on the face… kinda liking hte direction it’s developing…
will need to add some stylish head accessories and decor…

comments welcome.


hmm no replies…? don’t understand why. this is some really nice stuff you have here. nice sketches and head study. and about the color scheme i would go with red one because like you said the blue ones are too cold. good luck!!


I really like your concept and your face drawing. Lovely stuff.

I would go for the blue, but make it rather more desaturated in the background. As you said, it does give great contrast to the warm honey colours of the jar.
Looking forward to seeing how this develops!!!
Oh and I would make her right eye (our left) a little less dark- it throws the light balance off.
Keep up the good work!!!


Really beautiul sketches you got there (esp the queen)…Love all the color version.Blue looks good as it gives a better contrast but then it dosent relate to the bees…
Any ways…the head study is amazing


What a beautiful face! Great colors, great simplicity. I’d love to see your progress. Keep posting… :slight_smile:


going for a more dramatic lighting effect. trying to make the pot of honey stand out. I liked the contrast inthe blue concept in the other set of 3 color comps i did. but didn’t like how when i look at it, it reminded me of ice cave.

anyway, i\\\'m starting to like the colors. not sure if i will stick with it. will explore a bit more…

note: also begun adding details to the throne… hair and her right hand.



this is looking cool! I love your linearts.

looking forward to your next update
good luck on the challenge


Hey, that’s looking cool. you got some nice sketches there. I really like the lighting you got going on. Nice character too.



Lovely concept sketches, very smooth linework, but most of all, gorgeous use of colour. Your painterly style is wodrously soft, and I love your character, very unusual. Can’t understand why this hasn’t had more responses, it should be beautiful when it’s finished.


Solid concept and it looks like you have the goods to back it up. I’m happy you’ve included as much of your thought process as you have. I’ll keep an eye out for this in the end.


thank you all for the nice comments. I’ve just noticed i’m not the only one in the challenge with the queen bee concept… Hi Samuraikuroi!!. argh… u beat me to it. Just want to elaborate a bit on my take of the queen bee idea… In portraying the queen bee as a large woman… i thought was a perfect fit for the look i was going for because of its loaded stereotype.
I’ve also tried devices to enhance the “bee” quality… by using the “beehive” hairdo… and “bee-stung lips” …and “the pot of honey” (an indication to her particular appetite) to drive the idea home.

I definitely hope it’s working independent of the other queen bee concepts out there…
otherwise i’d have to start on another concept…

anyway, back to work.



added more details mainly in the hair…
and a bit everywhere else.


more hair details have been added…
been working on the hair for hours…
finally got it close to where i want it…woohoo.

now to catch up on some sleep…


nice pallete, warm and happy.


Good start.:thumbsup: I like your sketch…hair détails are great…Character look good.Good concept.
I look back for more:)


that is looking really cool. Keep it coming.