Master and Servant 2D Entry: Doug Williams


Doug Williams has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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So here it is. I’m still pretty happy with it, but it’s not what I had hoped for. Between wrapping up the game I’m on, buying a house, my daughters first birthday and such, I just didn’t have enough time to do what I wanted. Mainly the foreground figures I have issues with. I really wanted them to be more ornate, the hands need some loving too. Well at any rate, I still like it, but hoped it’d be ‘more’. Thanks again everyone, all the C&C made this a much better piece.


guuud luck!!


My first idea. I want to play with the ideas of master and slave. I have people pulling the Godmother (with unborn child) and in a way she’s a slave to the standing order of priests trying to create their own god. Just an idea, very loose at this stage.


Bot! Would you get me a new computer please. :stuck_out_tongue:
so far so good.

PS:I thought I just saw Mr. Dixon around here somewhere…this is gonna be fun.


Awe crap. Dixon’s om here? He always beats me…I’m doomed :wink:


if u win thats what u’ll get.

looking good bot!


Excellent! Hello Doug! Hoorah! :slight_smile:


Hehe - I just saw your name and thought, ’ we all be doomed '. Have fun, Doug. Concept sounds very interesting!


looks good so far man good to see ya in the challange are you gonna try out different concepts

good luck ill be watchin


So here’s another. I like this one a lot more. I like that the master servant deal is more ambiguos. Is the God Mother and child serving the clergy, or the other way around. I have a whole story to it in my head. Should be a fun piece to work on. I might start on this concept piece. C&C greatly appreciated!


I really like your mother/child concept. The lighting also is quite beautiful. Keep it up, i’ll be watching! :wavey:


Love the new Concept. I am such a huge fan of this style of lighting (Dark foreground light midground). Great mood. Looks like its going to be one awesome piece, I’ll def. be watching.
Goodluck! :slight_smile:


Hey dougbot, I like this new comp better as well. Stronger layout then the one you posted earlier. The God Mother looks much more powerful now as well. Not sure about the Black object to the left that takes up the height of that side. Not sure how well I think that balances out with the right. I am however no authority on layout.



Hey… Now this looks inteeeeeresting…

I had a look bat your site… there’s some real nice stuff…

Good luck in the challenge!!



Love it. I’m probably wrong but the mother almost looks Egyptain with the long beard and face. It sort of reminds me of the Queen and Ant thing…I read somewhere that it actually might be the other way around in that the workers in an ant farm actually are the ones who order the Queen.


i like it!


Hey, doug, like how it looks! This new comp is really nice, with the really strong foreground and background planes. I know you’re going with a religious theme so is the guy on the left wearing a - whaddaya call those really tall hats? - miters? It just seems a bit too tall, almost comically so, and I suspect that wasn’t your intent. Or maybe it IS supposed to be that tall, how should I know, I don’t even know their proper name! :slight_smile: Anyhow, good luck with it!



I like your new concept more im wonderen what the background will look like is it gnna be like golden walls and the pregnent woman is gonna be a statue that the clergy man is in front of


Messing around with color. At work…matter of minutes. Hopefully next week I’ll get some time to tackle this.


lovely colors! I was waiting for a religion-type entry. :slight_smile: