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Daniel Zsoldos has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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This is the final


Hi Everyone!

I hope it is not too late…
So it seems I`m IN again but now in 2D category.
This is my first 2D contest (and my first speed challenge).

I wish good luck for All in the next couple of days to finishing works.
I will try so.


Here is my concept:
Now in the doorstep of the next generations of game consoles I thought a bit timely concept.
It is about the dependence of video games based on some personal experiences  and some sci-fi stories about computer gods.


The first very quick sketches and scratches of perspective.


Here is a little more concrete pic about the concept.


Some examination on perspective which is slightly distorted.


I made a reference scene with Maya to justify my opinion about the distortion of perspective. The whole thing was reflected in a concave mirror. I really like to use this trick.


This is a nearly final concept.


Hard to draw the perspective properly.


Ready for coloring.


Nearly accomplished! :bounce:


On the way…


The last touches


The final image: Game Over


This is the final


That was a short but hard challenge for me. The past 48 hours were crucial times with many technical difficulties. Often I didn’t have the hope to finish and upload the “final” but after all it is done not complete but done. I had plans of dark stormy clouds which are gathering and spiting thunder bolts above the television but it remains only plan for now… maybe someday…
All hail to CGNetworks and thanks for the opportunity!

And hail to the next gen…


realy cool piece!!
nice idea and comp.:thumbsup:
congratulation on finish and good luck to u.:applause: :buttrock:


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