Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


The lighting and perspective is very good. I like how the blue luminescence reflects on all objects. The woman’s facial expression is very dramatic.


You are doing great job, I am wayyyy behind. Good luck to you, looks like I have no chance, ugh!


the latest one seems pretty nice and shiny, i think there’s a little bit porb on the girl’s left hand, too fat…just my opinion, anyways, like i said, nice and shiny, keep goin dude!:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Great stuff you have there. I can’t really crit at all. I love the orc’s head. You said it was similar to my own, but mine isn’t as good. :twisted:
Keep up the good work!


Your stuff is cool and unique.
You don’t have to change your subject!
There could be million stories from same subject.
So, Keep it up!
Good Luck!


do not crop it more in my opinion… this image has lots of action… it also needs some air, or nothing will capture the eye.

Nice stuff btw, got to read more of your background material.


looks creepy, love it
looks great this way


very nice work so far corey. Its fantastic how this developed form the first sketch up to the last pic :smiley:


Arc80: Good point I’ll have to try to move the kngiht up a bit I suppose, I dont like this idea that much either. :shrug:

Velinov: Thx! I wish I had more time to work on it!

jmBoekestatein: Yeah the contrast is low, was really just testing colors, the psd file isn’t like that only the jpeg.

NOOB!: I will add more contrast lol

bdblok: So you really think I should show more of the sword hmm? I’ll see what i can do, this composition is tough. thx again! Good insight!

Jezzarts: Mr jeremy Love ! Yes my last an issue sometimes but hardly ever! LOL.

BlackDidThis: Hmm good idea, maybe I should make a red aura around the demon orc…It might throw off the color scheme of blues though… Hmm…but I’ll give it a whirl and see what happens! Good crit! :thumbsup:

The Peteboy: Thx! Rock on :buttrock:

Dog Star: Yes the sword needs to be fixed, I was planing on doing that soon actually.

Baron Impossible: The croped version ay? Yeah I sorta like it too, as far as the women goes, she’s suppose to be on her knees…I guess it really does show? I’ll try to fix that!

Squibbit: Thx! That means alot !

Mecha Hate Chimp: Glad you like the girls face! I actually hate it! It doesn’t look photo realistic the way i want it to. I’ll work on it later !

pushav: I like skies : P

asparta: Glad you like composition! Took alot of work, and I dont think i’m done figuring out a good one yet!

nebezial: Wow thx! That means alot, actually because I’m one of your biggest fans !

SuperMario: Not only did I play you on nintendo, but I also agree with you. The dark areas are too dark…Just a color test after I saved jpeg, the psd file isn’t like that.

Slav: Yeah I still have some rendering to do, so for now the background face is one of the sharpest things. Actually I dont mind if the face is the first thing that the viewer see’s, but maybe i’ll put it alittle out of focus so the main action stays vivid!

the1st_angel: Good point. I’m not sure whats ebst right now I’ll keep on it !

Tranchefeux: Thx ! Good luck 2 u too!

AustinM: Glad you like : )

Repease: I’m trying! I am geting behind aswell!

eclipson: Yeah I guess the girls left hand is too fat, I’m still not done yet though still in sketch mode, but i’ll get to it when I get the chance!

paperclip: Yeah my theme doesn’t seem so orignal to me anymore I might do another… who knows…:shrug:

taeyoungchoi: thx for the words of wisedom, but i might change still…I have the time so I minus well explore ideas!

eparts: I guess it does need some air…lol good way of puting it!

Korline: thx, but I dont want it to look too creepy lol

Vahn: Your words mean alot, I hope you can finish your picture and get yourself a tablet one day !

Yeah I hope thats everyone…Haven’t had much time to update in awhile…These school book reports are taking up all my time now! Don’t teachers know that CGchallenges are just as important in life !? GRRR!!I’ll try to update on the weekend! thx for all the support all! This is going to be a fun challenge !


The crop definately makes the piece more frantically dynamic. Love the tones and the tortured facial expressions!


Nice perspective, and an eye catching facial expression on the lady,
Keep up the constant wow! factor on every character, Goodwerk!


Nicely done. Very dynamic composition. Only comments I would make is the face in the center background looks like it could be muted down just a bit to set it back more. It pulls my attention away from the two central figures that are your focus. Also there is a light object in the lower left that seems distracting and I can’t figure out what it is. Otherwise great job!


Looking great, Corey! Overall the image looks great.

Looking back at your previous image, I think it reads better before you flipped the image. Right now it looks like the girl is trying to save the angel instead of the other way around. I think it’s because of the way we read… Anyway, maybe consider flipping back over?

Also, the girl is competing with the head in the background for attention. That head is stealing the show right now and it’s really not that important an ellement as far as the story goes. Maybe tone it down and bring those bright colors into the highlights of the main characters. That would help lead our eyes to the main elements better. Also, there is a tangent where the sword hilt touches the girl. It would feel a little more comfortable if you just shortened the hilt a little. Although tension in this image is not such a bad thing…

Lastly, I’d consider finding refference, or more refference for the angel. The girl looks so realistic and the angel doesn’t seem to be at the same level. Because it is so close to us and we can see it so well, it should be the best looking thing in the image, I think. If you are having trouble because of the armor, maybe check out some Lord of the Rings shots of the elves or something.

This will deffinitely be an awesome piece when it’s done. You already have an awesome environment and color scheme going. Just push it to finish!

Keep it up!


I think the pre-cropped image is best. In my eternally wize opinion! :wise:

There is a greater sense of movement and depth with more in the picture (although more work! :p)

Good luck and wish you the best whichever way you go :thumbsup:


I feel the need to help the girl!
I am agree with the crop, placing the focus on the terror and the anguish.


great work I really love the idea and I’m looking forward to seeing some more !


Looking great:thumbsup:
Good Luck!


Thx for posting Jason! And yeah you make some good points. I was just fliping it around to see if it looked any different I wasnt planing on staying in that direction, I’m glad I did flip it though so I could get better feedback.

For the background I am working my way up with the background, then going forward to the characters after thats done because an artist named arny once told me that you should choose your colors according to your background. Also I do have some references for metal pieces that I had picked up, I never thought of trying Lord of the Rings though good idea! I do have some plans for the characters that will definatly make them stick out more, but as of right now I am still sketching up concept sketches because I’m really starting to hate this one. Thx again for responding!:thumbsup: Good luck on your piece too!

Thx everyone else too for the words of inspiration!


Ok this is a different idea. Maybe have more angels falling downward trying to rescue the girl from her sins (represented by the demon orcs) down below? I dont know yet what I’m going to do, this is just another idea I had. What should I do, very lost right now as to what composition I should choose O_O


interesting idea! now that has more caracters, i think when finished, it will be more cool, cause we gonna take a look at every one, at many poses and realize how many time you worked on it.