Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


what’s up dude,
I like the other one better. This feels like the knight or the warrior is falling and she’s trying to reach him. The lighting is much better on this one though.



Go Corey. Your thread is nice from the begining and you keeped the good work!!!
Exelent composition and such a nice colors. Follow your next step. :thumbsup:


Thank god, that’s a relief.

Every time I post something about mise en scene and staging I get the I don’t know about that. But now it’s staged rightfully, Now I get the idea of them trying to get out of there, lots better.

Still a bit low on contrast colourwise, but that’s probably taste on my part.

Really good stuff, I’m just hopping on for the ride.


yeh more contrast.
but it still looks excellent.


i love this pic :wink:

it has a nice mood, and i happen to love this sort of theme, so that makes it extra special :slight_smile:

for the crop-question, i would like to see more of the sword, so that you can see its a sword.



Woooo Fantastic!! magical expressions… these really tell the story! you have the skills my friend. I like them all but would probably go foooor theee mmmm I dont know, the orc shouting at the fairy… it’s a classic!

Did you get a hard time about your last name in school?.. I did, he he :slight_smile:

This going to be a cool painting what ever you choose… good luck!


My first reaction would be to not do so and not loose a great variaty of detail you have worked on.

But as I look at your selection and how it looks… I have to admit that the new composition is very impressive. It tells the story and looses nothing from the action. All that said the composition looks great.
I really don’t know. Your choice.

I would like to offer an idea though: there is little diffrence between the foreground good guy and the background bad guy (Ok I could have found a better way to put it… sorry). Would it be a good idea to give the one in the back a red aura or orb around him? And to have him himself in the tints?
Like then you could add in flakes of red rust to parts of the chain which would personalise the chains related to him/it, as well as help blend the new introduced colour to the whole.

What ever you do… including leaving everything as it is and saying this is my final piece I am cool with it. They are fantastic works.

Good luck til your next update



The facial expressions rock like hell! I love them! Good job!:thumbsup:


First I want to say great job so far…

Having looked at your latest pic I would definitly do something about the sword. The way it is cropped now is way to phallic. Perhaps extend the angels left arm along the bottom of the composition for framing. then either remove the sword (which I don’t think you need thematically, since you are portraying an emotional conflict rather than a physical one) or move it to the side. As it is now it is an eye trap.

As far as the coloring goes While I like the color scheme, I feel the blues are to calming for the scene, perhaps some more aggressive colors? Try making the lefthand side (the evil side) more angry. Possibly sme deep reds or purples. I like the blues for the angel though.

Of course these are just my suggestions. :thumbsup:


Looking good, I like the cropped version. The perspective is well-done and dramatic, with good tension communicated (not easy to do). My suggestions ~

It’s a bit too blue for me, almost duotone. What about some red underlighting or something. (Oh, just realised Dog_Star said this too!)

There are a few strange objects in the foreground (what are those white things?) that I’m not sure about. I know they’re not defined yet, but even so.

The woman’s legs seem to abruptly disappear.

The guy’s face looks anime but the woman’s face appears realistic.

Very nice work though, keep it up.


this has formed to a nice piece! baron gave some good comments
there and I ain’t got much else to say , keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Wow, your composition for the last image you posted is excellent. I just started reading your thread today and looking at the progress. That girls face is just filled with so much anguish, you can really feel as though you know this chic is just in a world of hurt. Oh and I do like the way it is cropped as well. Cant wait to see the finished piece. Beautiful work.


Yep i am feelin’ the hard cool light coming from the sky.


yeah, the last one is great… i like the composition and the view angle, and the colors…the figures are good…seams it going to be tough contest…have fun


ALLRIGHT COREY now were talkin emotions, much more powerful:thumbsup:


I think this new angle is good and the way you have cropped it is good also. I think you should keep this new angle and just continue to render. The dark areas make it hard to see the characters but I know your not done so keep it up.


this one keep looking better and better alot is going on but i think that the face in the back ground catches the eye 1st, i am not sure if that’s what you want but i thought it should be noted. :slight_smile:

thumbs up from me. great work and more updates!


hmmmm, the new layout looks a bit too radically cropped for me at the moment. pov well chosen, but i’d like to quote miles davis here: Music lives trought the breaks betweenthe notes"
it is very compact at the moment, and looses trough that a bit of “highlighted” elements, everthing has hard contrasts wich makes it somehow overbusy. hope you get me… (despite my “Yoda-English”), of course, it’s just my taste and my own personal view… keep it up mate,
keep on rockin!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


The arm looks great. the light in the distance will turn ojects to look like a silhouette. great stuff. keep it up.


Hi, Your last concept is more interesting and dynamic, surely the good
direction, good luck for the continuation. :thumbsup: