Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


I dont know…I’m really undeceive:banghead: …I just dont like how small the girl is…I was planing on changing the demon orc after I get done painting the angel and the girl, but I might move on to a whole new composition…:shrug:


wow its turning up awesome
nice angle, i guess i told you that already, but i still liked it better when the woman was closer and the angel was only showing the hand
had a lot of emotion

thx for your coments on my thread

good luck keep drawing


wow, your artwork is impressive! there is plenty going on and the mood is about right. Keep it up, you should get something really good at the end of this. :arteest:


Whoa…major change, all for the better. Looks a helluva lot more dynamic now, and showing the girl’s face was a great idea.


Corey, your stuff keeps getting better and better man, keep it up. Looking forward to your next update.


great new pov. now getting the point… keep on rockin mate!


Thing that strikes me, not having seen the wips towards this, is that the left is really busy but it’s had to tell what that is, only the skintones gave it away. And the girl is obviously a girl but indeed very small. It’s hard to read with so little colour variation. Maybe more contrast will make it more legible though. You got some skills though, using photo’s for refernce or straight?:slight_smile:


do you use the pen brush in painter to make your digital sketches. Your stuff is amazing.


Very nice color mood



THX! I use a variety of different brushes, 7 all together. If you want I could make them available on my website if you’d like. Some of the brushes I use are from Rob’s site, and some are my own. Heres a screen shot of the brush I use and its properties in painter ix.


The shoulder armor is looking an infinite times better! Nice improvement! :slight_smile:


yeah I have some of rob’s brushes I may have to reinstall them. Just recently I made an accutal brush for sketching now. thanks.


Cool update… and the screengrab is fab.

My only worry (sorry!!?) is how close the angel’s sword (or wand thingy?) is to the girl’s oustretched hand. It’s kinda interfering with the two hands trying to reach each other.

Other than that… it’s a great start to the painting stage!


hey! you’re last post seem to go in a different direction, why?
anyway, good and dinamic drawing.


Hi Corey! I spent a good ten minutes scouring this thread. I love the progression of ideas, and seeing how you’ve tackled problems and made the image into this fantastic piece. The pose is so strong, and all the compositional lines really help draw your eye along the piece, taking in everything. The emotion captured on the girl’s face is amazing, as is the movement in the chains holding her back, like she’s just about to be yanked. Love the colour scheme too. All in all, shaping up to be very promising indeed. Fascinating to see the screen grab too, get an idea of how others work in Painter. No crits thus far, keep it up!


I like the color and composition. I can see a lot of emotion in this pic. best of luck!


Yep that is a nice angle that you used in the picture. And great tone and atmosphere.


thats some impresive work, love it. see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hey all! Just curious, should I crop the image this much? Does it look better like this or should I show more of the angel’s arm? I might just move on to another concept but I just wanted to know what you guys think of the picture this way for now?


I like it cropped. The closer the crop the better the intensity i reckon. Makes it more confronting than if you were to zoom out.