Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


I think the last one is the strongest composition. I really like the dutch angle. Keep going!


Ok all heres what I have thus far! I decided not to crop or change anything about the picture’s edges until I finish the main portion. Then I’ll go back and decide if the picture needs anything extra. For some reason while in sketch stage it’s harder for me to decide.


This is shaping out very nicely. Perhaps the most dramatic angle I’ve seen in this challenge so far. The only thing I have to “complain” about would be the foreground character’s shoulder armor. It seems somewhat flat. Perhaps you’d like to show parts of it wrap around. The colors are working out fantastically! Keep on trucking! :thumbsup:


goodpoint I’ll get on that! I’ll try to rough in the demon orc too, and then I’ll work on the lighting after all the roughs are done!


Nice work Corey. Very dynamic. Watch the tangent with the end of the sword and hand.


whoa,where do u find the time! excellent

send me the hi-res when the comp is over so i can have it as wallpaper.


Just playing around with the angel a bit, and with lighting. Not sure if this will be final colors scheme just seeing what things might look like.


far out thats good. it feels desperate. it feels cold… its excellent… id make the sword in the foreground a little less appartent, its taking up qwuite alot of space.


The dynamism is outstanding!

Subscribing to this thread. I would love to follow up on what more you are going to do.
Can’t comment on your goings since I just browsed through your pictures and haven’t yet read your thread.

But I have to admit that I am VERY impressed with your works.

Keep it up!



The scene is very activate, there is a lot of action in the concept, I like the graphic style and I waits for the suite of the colorization, good work:thumbsup:


You know, the more I look at it, the more I hate it…I think I might do another composition.


oh,oh,oh! you could make the chain from the human to the demon fully stretched! Pointing out that there is no way to reach the angel! ;D


hi I like your concept and drawing good luck


Nice to see u you man!
Awesome work so far!


Thank you! U 2…and omg I love your website design and the work on there! Makes me want to redo my website again! Do you mind if I add you as a link?


I like how this piece is going - great perspective and loads of drama.

I think the colours and lighting are working quite well.

The two main characters don’t seem to lining up quite right - watch the eye lines.

Keep it up - it’s certainly standing out at the moment :slight_smile:


Wow! Great artwork here!! I’ll stay tuned on this for sure!!:thumbsup:


Your last composition was quite strong… but I’m interested in seeing what other goodies you’ll suprise us with, if your latest wasn’t doing it for you. Keep at it… you have some real skill and a great concept. Will check back later…


my 2D entry:


are u gunna keep the monochormatic feel or are ya gonna add different colours.

cos i kinda like the mono tones as it is…


Looking good.:slight_smile: