Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


i agree

p.s. loved the animations on ur site,wish my animation was as good as urs.


Nice art work and concept. Right now I am playing the game of the year edtion of Unreal (the first one which is way better than 2003.) I am also on gamespy alot. maybe we can play unreal together.


Sure but I warn you, I’m pretty good.:twisted:


I p.m.ed you some information. And are your sketchs done with a tablet. I cant draw with a tablet at all to save my life.


Yeah I worked hard over the summer and was finaly able to buy a wacom intuous 2!:smiley: But as soon as I got it, a newer one came out:shrug: Drawing with a tablet takes alot of pratice I guess, but after awhile it’s easy. I guess what really helped me learn to draw with a tablet was doing my animations with my tablet. Takes alot of control to do, so drawing in painter isn’t too hard in comparison.


lol dude thats exactly what happened to me,i was so happy to get my intuos 2 then friggin 3 comes out 2 weeks later.

bah theres not much difference anyway.


Thx, I love your stuff on your site too. Your crew seems really cool too. We should do a link exchange:thumbsup:


I want that cintiq monitor so bad I cant stand it! All the professional animators and illustrators seem to have one! I want one too! Will make life alot easier! AAAARGGG!


maybe a certain sumone shud join my forum first…

who sed that

lol wud be nice to see u over there,we’re gunna need a few new mods eventually.

and i’ve got a few people in mind.


yeh man…i’m saving up for a cintiq,i know i have no chance of winning one.

and it wud make animating so much easier,i’m also gunna get the new flash 8 whens it comes out…and i need toon boom

omg!! theres so much one needs!!!


LOL, sure I’ll check it out! See whats going on there.

Dont say that ! You can DEFINITELY [font=Verdana]win this competetion! Dude…even though everyone here intimidates me to an unknown extent, I’ll do my best to try to beat the pros here, and gain some crediability. You do the same! [/font]


Definitely like the newer Worms-eye angle. very dramatic, draws you into the piece more. The first one was good, but seemed too…flat.

I also like the etherial-plane effect.

Very cool man!


Right on man. I haven’t posted anything yet (a little too busy at the moment) but I’m trying. The professionals that are in this are VERY intimidating…some excellent entries are coming in…but that just makes it more of an opportunity for us n00bs. :slight_smile:


well theres 7 prizes,i’m hoping to win at least sumthin.if not…i’ll try agen

i hope u get sumthin too corey.

gud luck agen!!!


I already know that I am not getting anything. lol. But I am having fun.


most recent is definitely best. Will let you know what I think once you crop it. So far it looks fantabulous!


definitly stick to the picture with angel. and you may add some light aroun the angel also, something like bright glowing white light!

My MaSteR&ServAnT 2D


This is cool. The new angle you put on the illustration is more dynamic, more Drama here. Can’t wait to see it finished.


I agree with the comments above…The scene features a good amount of depth and action now, with all the necessary elements in it to get the story across.


i like your style a lot! :thumbsup: i´ll watch this one…