Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


Interesting composition, and far more interesting and dynamic than your first one. I think the girl should be running across the palm of the hand rather than the finger though, somehow it doesn’t look very natural this way- plus it’d look better if she was trying to reach farther up. The other guy (what ever he is) looks good on the thumb though.


i like the new design alot more. will be watching out for more.

best of luck.


I think your previous compositions were better than this latest one. Her neck and hands did need attention but the way you framed your previous concept there was no question as to what was happening.


I like the compositions with the good/evil characters and the person reaching out to the good. I think handling this concept properly could create an very powerful dynamic. Keep up the good work!



Wow, great progress CoreyArtE!! Love the new composition. Very dynamic and action oriented. :bounce:

I personally like the hand in the foreground… or at least the idea of something framing the subject matter. It creates a nice curve and helps the viewers attention flow from angel to slave to deamon. Great work so far… keep em comin!


Ok all, this is yet again another angle…Same concept ofcourse but just different perspective. Ok so how is this one?


wow man

great work your doing so far

really liked this last angle u sketched up
captured the emotion of the fairy

good luck


I think this is better than the last one. It’s more expressive and dynamic. I don’t think you need that hand on the foreground. It’s better without it, i think, because you’re involving the viewer or the viewer is part of the scene. Can’t wait to see your color pallete on this peice.



After looking at all of them. I prefer this one the most. Not to crazy about the left hand. Just a rough, but could use a more dramatic gesture. It might help to push the group higher in the image. I agree centered wouldn’t be good, but currently they look a little too pushed off the page.


Just starting coloring the background alittle abit and blocking in colors. I’m still not sure if I’ll stick with this one or not…Hmmm…


Ok, so I used same composition just altered it abit…made the picture longer horizontally so the warrioir angel can be seen alot more. I really like this composition alot more. I think this might be my final composition! I’d like to know what you guys think!


Hmm, actually, after looking at it from the thread…It looks less dynamic…Maybe I should crop it alittle…I think the girl might be too far off to the right…Hmmm


Yup! This could be the one. Great pic with loads of energy, expression and dynamism… if anything perhaps take a bit off the left, so it balances a bit better. :bounce: Cool sketch as well!!


Yeah I’ll probabaly cut it off on the left and add more to the top so thats its more verticle instead.


This is looking good!! Best composition so far!

I’d just chop a little from the left…

It’s got much more emotion with the girl facing the camera and the outstretched hands work really well.

Good work, fella.


Yeah, a part of the left has to go… :stuck_out_tongue:
Now if this one gets better than the first, with shading and stuff then it’ll be great!


gets better and better with every time you update! keep it up.


hey corey,i must say this latest sketch is my favourite among all the other sketches u did.great cam angle as well as the composition .keep it up mate!:thumbsup:


i knew u cud do it,i knewu cud fit the angel in,i just had to wait.

LOVELY!!! use this one!


Hey Corey, I think this works a lot better. This way you can see the girl’s expression and not just her pleading posture. You might do something to make the dude in the background stand out more. He’s so tiny and far away. I think it would be better if the chain was a bit shorter and you could see him bigger. He’d be more menacing that way.