Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


Ok colored the picture alittle, mainly just the background…It’s making progress… :slight_smile:



dreams about how good the pic is


but then again emotion can be shown in more ways than just the face. The entire body can show emotion if done right

i think you’re right… go for it!!

There’s always the angel’s face… :wink:


oh crap forgot to save the picture with the forground layer on…LOL…oh well…


Hey CoreyArtE, powerful stuff indeed. I looked at this thread because I liked the angle and dynamics of your latest pic, great composition, action and lighting. I find myself wondering if you are really exploring the theme of Master and Servant though. I do feel a slave is quite different in that there is no choice about their situation. A servant works for a master because they choose to… and I wonder if this will affect how you see your entry? Something to consider perhaps.


I see your point. I was trying to go with a theme " enslaved to ones sin" where as the demon is the master representing the sins that the girl cannot escape from to get to the goodness within reach(Which is what the angel represnts). But I yeah I understand what your saying…I’ll add in some little servant goblins or something around the demon so it reiforces the servant theme. I guess I looked at it from a different view…Thanks for informing me of this!


steps into convo…

thats not to say a servant can’t be mistreated by there master.

plus…cmon…jeez…95% of the entries so far are master and servant…with a side order of slavery.


I woul disagree with NOOB on this one… It is actually 96:D u ve got a seriously dynaical composition there, definitely going the right way


CoryArtE, Noob, Nebezial - I meant no disrespect, of course anything I say is only an opinion, and I’m really impressed with the CoryArtE’s obvious artistic ability! My point was only that there is a significant difference between servitude and slavery. I find that master / slave is quite a black / white, love / hate, good / evil kind of opposition, while master / servant is a much more complex relationship because it involves choice on the side of the subject. And yes, servants can be mistreated (I have a badly overburdened goblin servant in my own piece) but the point is they could say “enough is enough” and walk away if they wanted to. And this is a subtler and arguably more challenging relationship to convey.

Anyway, I won’t drone on any more about it in your thread CoryArtE, I’ll be interested to see where you take your ideas! :beer:


very very very nice:bounce: . cool monochromatic style!!



well…she kinda is…crawling away…

think of the monster as the old master and the angel as the new employer hahaha.

i know u weren’t being disrespectfull,i just thought i wud shuv my opinion in there.



just stumbled upon this nice stuff mate!. will be watching … last composition is very dramatic, and prob the best i think…like where it is going


There is more to a slave than a black white contrast… geez when i think about it of all the people i wrote this… kinda funny:) No prob Speaky, we know what u mean, there is a different aray of emotions in both directions, it is up to artist to decide which to choose. i personally like this work alot, my opinion is that there will be greater judging problems with all the little master- big robot- beast- thingie. dont get me wrong many of them i really like, but if more people go that way it might represent a problem. well i hope no one gets insulted, this is just a friendly advice. :smiley:
CoreyArtE my advice is dont go with the goblins, they will not reinforce the theme, they will become a cheap mask, THINK EMOTIONS, how big is her sin, is she strong enough to seek forgiveness and in the end to forgive herself, there ara many ways to look at the work, im sure u can do it:thumbsup:


I love your progress, actually your latest image, really… such a good improvement, though. Its gain more dramatically mood & tone and also can go along with your concept very well!! Can’t wait to see the finalize :>


I found ya. It’s me, KHCloud.

Anyways, the concepts look really nice, but I’m not getting a real sense of servant and master, because she isn’t bonded to the demon at al. Maybe I would add some sort of shackles and chain or a choker or something oversized. But that’s just my opinion.


Ok, didn’t really change anything but had this idea of making a giant hand in the forground to go with the statue…(I know it doesn’t really look like it LOL). Does this idea seem good or should I continue the peice as it was…Or continue with more concept sketches and different angles?


well me being always the first to reply to ur work…and giving u the best ideas…bwuahah

i wud,sketch a few more angles don’t have to colour and if one turns out better …use that,if they come out crappy,go back to this one.


Just playing around with lighting…just having fun right…thats what it’s all about right…FUN! Corey passes out from exhaustion:scream:


Not sure if I like the close hand or whatever, but the rest of it I really like. The progression through images reading through your thread is inspirational. I really like the new angel, goodjob and goodluck :wink:


Ok then the hands goes! LOL. I dont like it much anymore either.