Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


man i wish i saw the update previous to ur last sooner,cos then i wudda told u to go for a more dramatic angle,not just in the character,but in the background.

but it still looks great!


yeah I was thinking about that too…Hmm any suggestions?


nothing springs to mind just yet,but i wud luv to see a clearer shot of that angel character.hehe


LOL, sure thing, I’ll work on a better angle for the picture. I felt like the composition was sorta weak…But I wanted to do a horizontal oriented piece instead of verticle. Hmmm This is gonna be tougher than I thought…but it’s fun working on it too. Thx for the feedback Noob!!!:thumbsup:


i liked that layout very much, because it has much power. your new attemp looses the piont of that hopeless tragedy, wich atcually has a huge emotional power. THe "angelknight is cool, but i feel like he is sort of not needed for a stron piece, couz it already is one, without him.
of course thats just my own personal tase. love your style, looking forward to more progress :slight_smile: keep it up mate!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hmmm…I see what you mean…But one thing I didnt like about that concept was the fact that it seemed like the girl didnt have any emotion. I wanted to show more of a struggle. So the subdued slave is much better ah? I’ll try to go with that then for my next composition! Thx alot for the critque th1st_angel!:thumbsup: Back to the drawing board…er…drawing tablet…yeah…you know what I mean :smiley:


don’t get rid of the angel.


runs away


very nice…

Has a very dominating overtone to it.


Great work so far!! :applause: I really dig your style. The idea is great too. I agree with the1st_angel about the composition. There is alot of emotion in that piece. I (personally) like the idea of the angel to the rescue. Your angels armor is dang cool too.

Maybe you could incorporate the two? The angel in the distance high up on a broken pillar. The poor girl crawling towards her/him as the deamon, in the foreground, looks menacing and mean. I think that would look nice…

Keep up the good work! Cant wait to see what your final composition will look like! :thumbsup:


looks amazing!

the demon orc’s anatomy needs some changes though… his arm is a lil short and legs are a lil too huge… other than that its just perfect!

best of luck!!


Ok guy and gals, this is another concept. I want to convey the emotion of the slave more…I think this does it much better…but I do wish I could add the warrior angel back in :frowning: …Oh well I’m sure There is a way…or is this concept better?


i have two problems with this one.


TWO: i’ve never been a fan of these full on shots,dynamic angles,dynamic angles!!!

but its an excellent illustration none the less.


darn you ! LOL, I was sad to see the angel go too :sad: but it’s hard trying to think of a composition with both the angel warrior and the demon orc all in the same picture. It would see the best way to do that is by going horizontal, but the horizontal picture I allready made was too boring …the angle and the emotion of the characters wasn’t very award wining. I dont know what to do!:eek: :eek: :eek:


i liked the concept b4 with the angel but i just wanted to see it at a more dynamic angle,like from above…or semi above,or mid view,i dunno,just not a flat angle.

its up 2 u in the end i guess.


Nah you have a good point, I’ll figure out a better concept to add with the angel back in. Maybe I’ll just rotate the angle of the horizontal picture. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD! TABLET…MONITOR…Yeah…:shrug:


Ok, so heres the same exact idea from my 3rd concept with the warrior angel, but just at a different angle…I think its more dynamic…so what do you guys think of this composition?


Yup, this is an excellent angle of view, and sooo much more dynamic ( for a dynamic story) than the previous one. Buuut… I can’t make up my mind if I prefer this one or the one the1st_angel said was more powerful. In the end the posing in this version is excellent, so probably this one… gee, I’m wibbling a bit… :slight_smile:


Hey… i’m with Posh on this one…

The composition is MUCH more dynamic… an excellent update. And i really like the qualities of the sketching. But…(sorry)… it lacks some of the emotion because both the important figures are facing away from the camera (the girl and the demon). Maybe it’d be worth trying a very similar image but from behind the warrior angel…? I think the face of the girl could be very important to the image… Or maybe not… but it could be worth doing a rough to try it…?

Oh… i dunno…


Poshspice: Thx alot, was alot of work, but I like this compostion alot more too. I personaly dislike the one the 1st_angel said was more powerful. it just seems too flat to me…But hey I’m glad you like :slight_smile:

duddlebug: Thx for the compliment., but yeah you make a good point…I suppose it does lack emotion from the back…but then again emotion can be shown in more ways than just the face. The entire body can show emotion if done right…I think…lol…but I actually did try this same picture from the front with the angel in the forground and the girl reaching up towards the viewer…I got really frustrated because it wasnt turning out the way I wanted it to…I’ll try again and see if I can pull it off. Thanks for the critique!

Actually I’m starting to think that this composition is too cluttered…Too much random lines all over the place…And the figures are so small…Darn…I hate composition ! Will it ever end !?! Back to the drawing board. Thanks again for the crits guys :thumbsup:


now thats what i’m talking bout!!!

excellent continue continue.


the only problem i see now is…nothing.