Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


Hi Corey, I like the camera angle, it fits well with the action. Great poses too. Congratulations on your final paining.



Congratulations!! Looks beautiful and nice colors!
Good Luck!:thumbsup:


Damn Corey, that was a strong come back. So proud of you bro. Very dynamic piece and great expression. Goodluck on the voting and see you around dude. CONGRATS!!!

cheers :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :buttrock:


Great metaphore! The blindfolded character in the back is a further complexity to the very emotional representation of the story!! Great colours, great angle, great stting, and well drawn!

Good luck to you,



Cool work dude! Especialy what i like is coloring and motion. You doing great. Good luck you to!

Best wishes !!!


Congratulations on your pic!

I think I’m repeating what I said before - but I really like the dramatic perspective and the blue palate! :smiley:

Good luck!


i have to say it again … fantastic artwork corey… and cool last changes u did there in the bg :smiley:

grats for finishing this masterpiece & good luck :applause:


ah there it is … lost the progress thread…
it came out wonderfully! so much action and cool perspecitvness. :slight_smile:

good luck


Cory, loved your work always, you done one of my favourite pieces all over the place, i just popped in top wish you all the best and to congratulate you on you brilliant and epic final piece! you bad ass rock! keep on it! best of luck on the finals:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

ps. thank you so much again for all your support and kind words and encouragements in my thread, u rock!!!


Corey, man, is that right? what a sad news:sad: … I regret it’s not in the final list.

See you in the next one!


Just read the it in the FAQ as well…

I am really sorry to hear that Corey! Everyone created one image to compete with as for you… you had 6 or 7 or so to my last count.
To win or to loose, you and your entry really deserved to be in the list for judging!

This is REALLY sad news!
I really don’t know what more I can say without sounding stupid here. We all apreciate how much you have cared for all of our opinions and how much you respected every view tying to alter what you have the best you could. I just wish that this would be only a light blow to you and an even better reason to push your talents to an even higher level of display for the next round!

Best of luck to you Corey… And I erally hope that there would be still a chance for you to have a go at this!



Definitely, thx again all for the kind words. This sorta makes me extremely angry, and alittle sad but from here on out I’ll channel that anger and frustration to a positive note to help me push my skills to the next level. I hope to see you guys in the next challenge, by then I promise to be way better. :thumbsup: You can bet


u really did a good job~I like it ,good job~keep the good works up


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