Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


Ok, well I wanted to do alittle more, but I dont have much time, and I getting tired, I suppose this will have to do for final coloring.


Great job!:thumbsup:


We are all enslaved to our sins, the things we’ve done wrong in the past that tend to hunt us. There is a struggle within everyone’s soul to be from that damnation and to attain that goodness within one’s self that is just out of reach. That was the theme for this piece. It represents the struggle within all of us to become better people.

The girl is reaching for her angel, who is dressed in armor, ready to fight for her freedom. But the girl is being held back by a devil-like creature by chains and a spike ball from becoming truly free. She is on her knees struggling and crying; trying to do anything she can to escape. The face in the background is blindfolded, and the there is evidence of a struggle going on because there is rebel everywhere. I wanted the background to look like a place of judgment, I just hope I conveyed that somewhat.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for helping me grow as an artist. I’ve learned so much from this competition and am excited about the future. I hope to see you guys in future challenges, helping to make this community grow. Alright guys! Till next time! Good luck to you all!


Yay! Congrats Corey and thanks! You’re pic turned out excellent. One of the things I enjoyed about your development was your courage in playing with perspective and composition, and being prepared to scrap what went before for something better! It pays off, doesn’t it! :slight_smile:


cool picture man! the character in the foreground reminds me of Kain the dragoon, from Final Fantasy 4 (2 us). kain is awesome.


turned out excellent man!! glad u made it!!!

good luck!


Great stuff. Nice and interesting perspective, which I’m a glutton for :smiley:


I really like it man…good luck…


excellent image!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
everything is look ur characters and scene a lot.
goodluck in contest.


been waiting to see how this turns out, its awesome!
Colours set an awesome mood!


Your final work looks awesome. Congratulations on that!!! :thumbsup:
Good luck in the voting and judgement stage of the contest.



hi corey!

i´m very glad you finished it! just read the story and it´s all together awesome!

good luck and till next time! :bounce:


Very cool image! and one of the most interesting composions in the challenge what I’ve seen! :buttrock:

Good luck! :thumbsup:


i just love the colors!:bounce:


gooooooodddddddd luck!


nice pic with a great blue atmosphere. I like the details on the background, good work and good luck for the end


welldone corey,u did it!i wish u best of luck here~:thumbsup:


Congratulations to you too, guy!!. This is real great, man.
Good luck in da challenge!! :buttrock:


Beautiful piece man… awesome lighting and modeling on this one.

Good luck in the judging!