Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


Ok so I decided to explore a slightly different idea…I dont know if this is seems quit as obvious who the master is, but I’m still exploring ideas…What do you guys think of this one?


I can’t belive that I am still up (2:09 am saturday us time) typing. I was on my way to bed and whats this a new concept lol.
You know what you could do with you new pic, you could add it on a new layer in photoshop with it set on a low opacity and have the angel looking down apon what is going on the earth.
What do you think about that idea?
I’ll check up on this tommorrw (lol i am misspleling owrds. now you know it is late when I do that:D) after watching some one peice.
Good luck.:buttrock:


I think this idea has good emotion.


Hi! Corey! So wonder about your changed, why and how it’s coming up like this?
I really like the last one better (Referred to the post #75… if i not wrong with the number) those one was more dynamically and good on its own concept, though…

BTW, I do like your style to, good color and tone arrangement…
Good luck!


Corey! I loved the first concept!!!

anyway this new one is more poetci but less powerful… anyway.

the color scheme is cool try to contrast is a bit more in my taste :slight_smile:
good luck , i 'll check later


Okay, the first idea you have has this great dynamics and actions, but this one… this one… is very dramatic, moody, and has a lot more atmosphere in it. I really like this one (but i wouldn’t mind seeing the first one finished too). The composition on this one is very simple, but the suggestion of the story and theme is very powerfull and has a great way of capturing the audience personal attention. I like how this is going and how you can see the depthness of the piece and also the deep thoughts and emotion that you can have on this. :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to see what you do with it.



i really like it… nice lighting and mood


ok thx all for the comments…Sigh I guess i have to go back to that other idea. I’m just losing interest in that other picture , I was thinking about remaking it…Like have the entire scene taking place is a fighting coliseum or something…I dontn know…I guess i better justs tick with that last composition and finish it out to the end ! Ok guys thx again!


hmmm, why flush the old concept? its a nice piece but the old one had so much power…
this way, you also could interpret, the girl sees an angel and the water shows the truth,… or oposite? uh, 5.45 i better go sleep though and give you a more constructive thought with a fresher pair of eyes :stuck_out_tongue: keep it up Corey!


new idear!
i love better the last one, even if this one is not finished to be explore.
the last one had more power and action, and in the challenge description, they want some expression on the face of the characters!


Ok this is a completly different idea. Basicaly its a woman commander, her giant robotmech, and her army of slaves. The idea basicaly came from one of my previous pictures I made awhile back…

I’ll probabaly continue working on my original concept but this is a fun idea.


damn corey,are u still in the concept stage? lol! how long has it been…

this one is looking quite cool,wud luv to see more progress,the color choice is great.

its coming towards the end of april,just don’t let us down…and by US i mean ME!


I like the composition in the previous version (post #237) much better. It’s got a lot of energy and it makes me feel like I’m falling as I look at it. Very creepy, very effective. This one has a nice mood, but it feels flat and the characters are too small to carry much emotion, I think. I think the angel with the evil reflection concept (post #241) is pretty static as well, and not as exciting as maybe is should be. Just my thoughts on the matter. :slight_smile: Good luck.



That is a fun idea, but… just finish the first concept you have :argh: I think it’s the best one of all three (but i still dig your second idea). And i thought i play around too much, heeheehee. Will be checking again later.



STOP IT! For godssake, just choose one already! :bounce: i don’t want to see someone come up with 1000k new ideas and make *********** great pictures of them while i have trouble making even 1! you bastard! :smiley:
… keep…it up!



i really think you should stick to the picture with 3 characters(angel - girl - demon)(sorry i really dunno what to call it :)), i for one get the best feeling when looking at that one compared to your other concepts!

also i’d love an update to see the progress on whatever concept you chose :slight_smile:


havent been checking in for awhile and seems like things get stuck alil bit here eh?1 more week and i’m just gonna wish u luck…i’d really wish to see u complete this entry…~~:)


Hear of the myth about the sculptor that begged the Gods to bring life to his statue?

Well funny to say it is actually the era of struggling with the material that tends to give most painters more pleasure. Sort of like not enjoying it as the statue becomes more and more a woman… to end up having an actual form rather than a dream of one.

Looks like your case is such here… you are presented unbelievable ‘sketchs’ that you are aparently putting alot of work into… but simply not taking it any further… I hope you find a composition to your liking soon. this contest would be incomplete without you.

Good luck Corey!



Hey all, I havent updated in awhile due to school, but now I am finaly out of highschool so I have alittle more time to work on this piece. I know alot of people liked the verticle more, but I didnt really like it. Anyway, Here is what I have so far, I still have more work to do! Better hurry !


Hey Corey. havnt seen this one in a while…looking very good mate, that BG rocks! good luck with your final submission:thumbsup: