Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


very atmospheric… i love the colours!:slight_smile:


cool composition and lighting:bounce:
waitin for more

my master and servant 2d


Just refining the background and the angel alittle, not much more.


love the camera angle.
make the the demon more furious and demonic. :slight_smile:


Nice. I like your idea & the use of the perspective here :slight_smile: Further refining to the textures will certainly enhance it more. Good luck.


the discomfort in your angle of choice adds to the eerie effect you created and the guilttrip the audience feels… top notch work…
btw I’m falling in love with the new bg…I was in doubt at first but now, well I’m speachless…


Dramatic image, thumbs up



great work!:thumbsup:


Like it - great dramatic angle!

luck to you


WOW…Thats some good use of color. I also like your composition. Theres a couple things that I would do though to help breath some more life into your painting. I would add more glare to the halo drawing more attention to the fact that hes an angel rather than a knight with wings. Also I would add more shadow or light to the wings to give them more dimension. but its beautiful!!


very welldone corey,dramatic yet dynamic angle u have here which is great.and love the way u did for the sky.this is getting better and better…i’ll look forward till the end of it~:thumbsup:


Look nice, Corey! SHeez! You’re nearing completion and I’ve barely begun my composition work! Good for you, bad for me :-p


Well, as I’ve said, I’m a fan of this composition. But every image I’ve seen before was cutoff very short at the top and to be honest form what i had scene my mind just created them in some sort of a cave. So to see this witht he big open sky . . . I don’t know . . .I don’t know if its just because its not what I’ve been thinking or if I just liked the tightness before.


That’s quite a dramatic painting! I feel that the warrior to the left is too close to the ground in perspective. He should be higher up and maybe that will help to dramatize things even more?


your clouds are sooooooooo good looking!!
i wich i can do some clouds like that once.


Hi there,
I gotta say I love the latest piece. Its more dynamic and dramatic and the lighting is great. You might wanna work in more details on the angel though cuz it looks like its fitting well with the rest of the scene at the moment. You might also wanna give him a brighter colour scheme since he’s an angel, but that just me.:slight_smile:
Good Luck dude!


Ok Just playing with some of the ideas you guys suggested. Changed the devil roc alittle too,…the more I work on it, the more I wish I hadn’t changed so much from my orignal concept…Anyway, does this look ok?


Lol you could not resist the idea.
Nice job on it.
I think that you should keep it with the lightning.:thumbsup:


The sense of perspective, the colors, the composition, the details… just everything.
And how the HELL did you learn to draw sky so well? :o


Actually I think it is. The size and posture of the devil/orc.
But the other one did look better individually. Wouldn’t just resizing and modifying him be enough without having to change him this much?
I am just now starting to get used to the skewed perspective angle that is allowing the vortex before us. And I like your conneting it with the bolts. It sort of made a connection to the whole of the canvas.

Most everybodies intention here is to help you out on their personal aprouch to your entry. And you have managed to allow alot of us to feel at home by presenting such a wide spectrum of high quality choices til today.
As much as this is emmencely appreciated by all of us. I think you shouldn’t loose your personal passion to the characters and poses you choose to go for. If you felt that you shouldn’t have changed your original concept; there has to be a good reason for that. There is time still.
I for one can definately say that not ONE of your proposals yet were lesser than any of the winner candidates. And your works have proven that it shall definatly be a masterpeace!

I really wish the best for you