Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


Nice ambiance and dynamic composition. Maybe just a little comment concerning the topleft corner of your painting. I would maybe lower the contrast there, it attract my eyes too much and the more interesting part of your scene is on the left. Nice work so far!:slight_smile:


sorry… Don’t know my left from right. Time to go to sleep I think… O_o’

  • the more interesting part of your scene is on the “RIGHT” -


:love: Oh, so pretty!

I’ve been back to this thread… quite a few times but I never know quite what to say. I so badly want to be constructive, instead of just leaving a ‘wow’ and then running for cover.

I think I might finally have something to add. It’s about the face in the background and the tilt to it - it’s such a dangerous position to paint a face (because most faces look piggish when viewed from below in that manner), and I think you could do a bit to refine the features.

Maybe with the lips a little less wide, and the bottom lip curved differently (as we’re seeing the lips from below, chances are the bottom lip wouldn’t be viewed as it is, as it seems more from a straight-on view. Try to make it either straight at the bottom, or even curved up a little to show the angle). Also, the chin seems a little wide for a female face - if that’s what it is. Narrow the entire face a little, including chin, tapering it off towards the point of the chin, and I think it’ll come off as more graceful.

Having said this, though, I don’t really find the background face that disturbing, and like I said - I’ve taken a look at the picture MANY times without being able to find a single thing to crit on… so feel free to disregard. It’s gorgeous work anyway. :smiley:


Nice perspective and interesting colours. Keep working :smiley: Good luck :slight_smile:


Hello, I to like your continuous image by am dynamists, go, go for the continuation.



I love the angle you’ve chosen. Very dramatic and the coloring is very striking. Very nice work!


Ok, stretched the canvas alittle higher and changed the angel alittle, adding arms to the statue head thing, plus adding the sword back in but changing the angle of it. Ok so what do you all think, should i go with this concept or change it back to the horizontal scheme?


hmm…Increasing the canvas does allow for more details, but wouldn’t that distract the viewer from the beautiful expressions you made, I love the looming effect…I don’t know what else to say, your capability to change the position, angle, etc… is incredible…I’m happy to see such a calibur artists in this challenge…


This is looking great.

I think the angled approach you have now is preferable. I’m not sure what you will be doing with the arms coming off the statue. Right now they tend to pull away from the action in the forground. My two cents. :slight_smile:


I fell asleep at my keyboard(12:48am Us time here). But then I saw that you have another new concept and you woke back up with this master peice. Your digital sketching is nice. You made the pic even betterererererer by adding the arms to the statue.

Here is an idea have lightning strking on of the statue’s hands and have the hand falling towards the devil looking guys.


I personally liked most all of your proposed compositions. But this one was of the better.
I would keep it mirrored horizontally though. when you give the agle to the left he is gaining too much speed as my eyes read it through… looks like he is actually dashing to her, when otherwise it felt more as if he was incapable of really helpng, our eye sort of stopping him at his tracks.
I am sure you have a mind of introducing warm colours at some parts… so well not really gonna talk mush about the colours. … Well I would say go for it. Just to also watch out for the last update on the higher canvas… it adds to the image, but it sort of pushes the action down.

Hope that gives a sort of idea on what I personally think;
None the less you have presented very good, very dynamic compositions so far. And I really doubt you would take a wrong turn what ever you do!



The last one is AMAZING seriously!!! oO
Love the feeling…
I was listening to BO of Braveheart during seeing it… amazing feeling …

with details and good lights it’ll be one of my fav of the contest :slight_smile:


Looks great, Corey. I really like the verticle format. My only thing is that something has to happen in the sky. Maybe you can vary the sizes of those huge swords so that some are smaller and one or two get larger and break the space of the sky. Or you can have lightning, like pushav suggested. My only worry with that is that it might compete for attention. Or maybe you can do something really fantasy-ish like have floating islands or something. I don’t know, you’re the artist :slight_smile:


been a while corey.

i must say…i still hate u.

i hope that helps.


edit: are u using photoshop now just because enalya is?? oh…it sickens me.


Thx all for the crits !

Noob: Thx for the words of encouragement , that means alot man :sad: tear drop

Jason Chan: Yeah, i;m actually surprised you like the verticle format, O_O, i thought most people would say go back to horizontal. Yeah A friend of mine gave me a few ideas fo what to add in the sky to lead the viewer back into the action of the picture so I’m going to go for that. Thx for the crits!

Neozoom: You really think so? LOL, breavheart was one of my favorite movies! I hope it turns out ok in the end ! Thx for the support !

BlackDidThis: Hmm too much speed ah? Hmm i’ll try to fix that then, maybe i’ll just go back to the previous pose I had him in. I’ll keep trying to work things out ! Thx again man !

pushav: Glad I can be your alarm clock when you need it lol ! And hey ! I really like your idea actually! I think I might increase the size of the devil orc much bigger, and use your idea about the fallin hand! That would make a great story plot! Thx for the idea, very helpfuL!

gorvien1: Thx for the crits, I am concerned that the arms and the verticle scene might drag away from the main part of the scene but i’ll keep working at it ! Thx alot!

fooxoo: Thx thx I wilL! lol

Enayla: WOW , thx so much for responding to my thread Linda! That means alot to me ! And yes, you make a good point about the head I’ll get right on that and try to fix it if i can ever get this darn composition problem out fo the way ! LOL, but thx again for the words of advice, I’ll use wisely!

Kraull: left, right…who decided which was which! I’ll tell you who! No one! Which ever u choose is ok lol, but um, yeah I still have to decide what to do on both sides really, still trying to work the composition out!

Jezzarts: yo yo ! jazz my man! Good point ! Very good point actually! Cant belive I missed that! I’ll get on that right away and try to mess witht he demon orc some more and see what postures I can make out for him! Thx !

I’m sorry if I didnt respond to everyone, but I do appreciate all of you guys advice and crits! I hope with your help we can go to the next level ! :thumbsup:


corey i like the last one best… i hope u keep it because then we’ll see more of the sky :smiley:

( hehe im just egoistic and want to learn from you ) … no seriously this works very well… you could show us a flip as black suggested…

Nice one :thumbsup:

  • vahn


Remember Corey If this palces with my idea and you win those workshop dvds, be sure to burn them and pass me a few LOL (just kidding)

Go with the falling hand. But leave the hand in the air giving the viewer an open ended story like…“will the hand crush the devil guy or girl” something like that.

This picture is on fya!
Fya I tell you

And p.s. NOOB! is jealous of the painter users lol.


You are done it well! This is a much better and dinamical composition than the older one!

cheers: Kornél

(sorry for my english…)


Hey man !! I wait the next!!!


ok this last one looks fantastic, it has it all the dynamics emotions, everything, now get to colouring:thumbsup: