Master and Servant 2D Entry: Corey Loving


its amazing too, to see how many angles of the same idea you have drawed!
man, you’re incredible!


hmm…its a little busy, but i love this angle better than the last one. At lot of expressive movements and actions. Very involving piece and personally, i think this captures more of the emotion that you are trying to convey. I really like this one dude.

Archie :thumbsup:


hie corey,i think the previous piece looks better in composition wise.although the latest piece has quite an intense feeling to it but those angels distracted the piece alil bit.good luck:thumbsup:

i’ll be droping in for more:)


i liked ur earlier composition better, it was more clear to what was going on, this one does have a nice fluent directional composition, but tha overall feeling is too chaotic, trust me on this one ,too many characters can easily take away from the quality as they can add, the earlier composition gave a great spatial feeling which in my opinion was too good to lose,.



i must say i like the previous comp more, it has a more feel of “last man standing”-theme, which i love :wink:

but you have a good imagination, and im sure you will pick the one thats right for you!


Ok thx all! I’ll keep sketching up some ideas. I just cant satisfy myself, I mean all you guys are doing such great pics, and I need to go to the next level, and I dont feel like i’m going there yet…


You do that… and you’ll leave us others ( like me ) even farther behind… and that’s not nice! :sad: But still… you’re really close to that next level… Keep it up! :thumbsup:
Oh and btw, i think there might be too many angels, i feel like the focus i being put on them instead of the person cuddling with the devil-orcs… or maybe you could just blur the angels bodyparts that are farther away from the human - or maybe you had already planned to do that, and i’m just rambling… :smiley:


I don’t know how to help you out on this but I thought that the way you had drawn the woman in distres was really very good! I think you can make a fine pic. And good luck with sketching up ideas.


oh please…hurry up wud ya.




LOl, dont rush me !


I have to say I agree with the others, I like the previous concept better. This one is very confusing and the eye has trouble figuring out what it needs to focus on. I look forward to your next update but take your time :wink: .


i understand ur pain, deciding the composition is such a pain in the butt:bounce:


the beast looks great, and the colour sketch is nice, i like your balance between shades of blue.:slight_smile:


LOL nice. I know how you feel. I have tons of concepts in my head that I would like to do also. Nice angles on the new picture.


I have to say I much prefered your previous composition, I think it spoke to me more than this, because the struggle seemed more realistic, one on one, and I really loved the girl’s expression. The current one could be good, but at the minute, I find all the angels shapes very distracting, although it is a nice way to focus attention on the girl.

I think if you worked on bringing the light forward on your last one so the background really made the characters pop out, I’d go with that. But that is of course just my opinion! But I sympathise with you utterly about feeling you have to compete with some great talents!


I really like the perspective you’ve chosen for the most recent sketch. Very dramatic.


Ok I decided to go back to last composition after I made a thosand sketches of different compositions. Just worked on the background alittle, and the angel alittle, and the demon orc alittle. Something is still missing about the picture. Mainly just painting in photoshop now.

Oh and heres a small closeup of background…I forgot to add it to the other picture :shrug:


Hey, its good to see you back working on your piece. Good choice i think. You got some nice effects at the background. I’ll be checking back later.




i have nothing else to add … excellent art :thumbsup:


Hi Corey, this is coming along great! I will say that I still really like your first concept with the orc yelling at the fairy… it’s so simple yet I love it… so make sure you finish that one sometime!! Anyway your latest one is more dynamic for the purpose of this challenge so go with it! The look on her face sends a shiver… man she’s terrified! One crit would be that the demon guy behind her has an almost identical pose to hers… which is cool but to me it seems too similar like you’ve doubled up. I’d like to see him in an angry hulk type position or maybe trying to grab her with his other hand which wouldnt look so copied… well something to think about, your doing great work. - Jez