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Corey Loving has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Enslaved to Sin

We are all enslaved to our sins, the things we’ve done wrong in the past that tend to hunt us. There is a struggle within everyone’s soul to be from that damnation and to attain that goodness within one’s self that is just out of reach. That was the theme for this piece. It represents the struggle within all of us to become better people.

The girl is reaching for her angel, who is dressed in armor, ready to fight for her freedom. But the girl is being held back by a devil-like creature by chains and a spike ball from becoming truly free. She is on her knees struggling and crying; trying to do anything she can to escape. The face in the background is blindfolded, and the there is evidence of a struggle going on because there is rebel everywhere. I wanted the background to look like a place of judgment, I just hope I conveyed that somewhat.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for helping me grow as an artist. I’ve learned so much from this competition and am excited about the future. I hope to see you guys in future challenges, helping to make this community grow. Alright guys! Till next time! Good luck to you all!


Heres is the sketch for my initial idea. I actually saw this in my sketch book from drawing at school and thought it would be nice for the contest entry.


Accidently repeat


Started adding some of the coloring in photoshop and painter, I might change it later on.


Some more coloring done in photoshop and painter. I dont know what I’m going to do for the background yet. I might make the image longer horizontaly or maybe even vertically. Maybe I’ll add in a tower or something in the background…hmmm tough choice…


Alittle bit of the orc has been smoothin out. The face, head, and hair. That’s it for tonight. Time for bed.


I’m surprised you haven’t had more comments on this… there’s some lovely drawing. The Orc’s face, in particular, looks really great.

My crit would be that the composition isn’t working as well as it could. The Orc looks very low down next to the faerie girl. He could be towering over her more… maybe putting her into shadow… Or rotate the angle of view a bit so you can see her face (and her fear?). And i think the faerie’s neck looks a little short…

I think with the length of the deadline it’d be worth considering making a few changes to really strengthen the piece and meet the potential of the main parts of the drawing…

Sorry if that’s all a bit much (they’re just suggestions) but parts of the drawing are excellent and i think with changes it could be really strong!!


Yes, I echo Duddlebugs comments. :slight_smile: I’m interested to see what’s going on in the background…


this looks so great!!!


More then nice start. Keep it up!!! It gona be hard competition:thumbsup:

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i like ur idea of the ogre and the fairy~!
i’m with duddle and posh.
here’s the commment,the overall proportion for the fairy is off for example the fairy doesnt seem to hava a neck and the shoulder seems to be off towards the back.if its a gal,the body doesnt represent her,and her arms are too short interms of normal human proportion.
the background seems interesting though,maybe u can add more details to depict the settings more accurately.just my honest opinion
it will be a great piece of work if the errors are being corrected:)


Good work so far. The skin tones and the light are very nice,. At the same time, I completely agree with ms@zx about the fairy proportions. You have almost 2 months! Don’t rush too far ahead with the painting before the basics are worked out, take your time! :slight_smile:
Good luck!



Fooling Around with the elf and orc idea abit. I’m going to keep sketching and see if I can get a better perspective, or just move on to a new idea.


these are some wonderful starting u got going on here :applause: :applause:


Hey, the first color wip looked cool! I agree that the proportions were a bit off, but the shading of the girls legs was spectacular :thumbsup: (I don’t use that word often, so it’s a big compliment). The new color scheme looks good, but the girl is too far away and she looks weirdly small. Try placing her closer, so that her expresions read better. There’s still a lot of time, so take it easy and have fun. :slight_smile:


ur latest update is very dramatic,i like!!


I decided to change the concept a bit after asking people ( my grandma especially). I finally came up with this idea. It stays close to the orignal concept I had, but this time its a girl fighting to get to “Good” which is represented by the warrior angel, but she is kept back by her “Sins”, the devil org creature. I like this concept much better. What do you guys think?


Hey all! Just decided to work on the background a little bit. What do you think so far?


Thanks for all the feedback guys, but let me ask you, any suggestions on how I can make my composition stronger?


Hey all, started to work on the angel and demon orc abit more. Any critiques?