Master and Servant 2D Entry: Clint Thorne


Still not quite finished, but I thought I’d post a close up so you can see all my hard work (and my mistakes!) a little better. Almost done with the woman, then I’ll move back to the leviathan. Getting awful close to the deadline


My first visit here. Very good illustration/drawing! Good luck



what the~~!! u sure have great patient in doing those textures with pencil.the details are overwhelming.i’m definitely gonna stay tune on this one.anticipating to see some color rendering for the overall piece.


It’s looking great dude! The woman is looking very good. I really like the expression on her face… it’s subtle, yet there seems to be a lot going on there…its weird! Can’t get over it!

Ok, i’m over it :slight_smile:

The glutes and the leg part that runs through the back of the knee looks odd to me. Knowing you, i’m sure it’s accurate, but it might be more appealing to make it more curvy? :shrug:

Choice of color for the breathing mechanism and fins is spot on!



What the hell? how come there ain’t more people posting on your thread? :surprised the pics are great! :scream: i acutally think i even have to subscribe to this one! oh btw, it looks good, but i think the left (viewers left) eye is a tad strange… ooh, have you thought about a background yet?


ogar555, thank you for the supportive comments. I was starting to wonder if I had bad breath, myself. (I brush every day, honest!) Not many folks stoppin by. The background will probably be fairly simple since I wanted to focus on the characters and I’m also running out of time. That’s the great thing about underwater scenes. Deep water is fairly plain. :smiley:

George, good call on the back of the leg. It’ll be more curvy in the next version.:applause:

ms@zx and gordonm, thanks for stopping by and the encouraging words. They are a great inspiration.

Updated image coming very soon.


This was a quick lighting test I did to see how workable my lighting and background idea would be. There’re a number of things wrong with the test, but I think the basic idea works. The light source shouldn’t be beneath the surface of the water, firstly, and having it above the surface will change the nature of the light a bit. Also there’ll be visible particulate matter suspended throughout and other volumetric properties of the water itself, but as this is a “work in progress” challenge, I thought I’d throw this out there so folks could see what I was thinking and where I might be headed. Oh yes, and there won’t be a lens flare. I just used the lens flare filter to create the blown out look I was trying for in the light source, but I won’t use it in the final version. Lens flare = tacky.


Very interesting work! Оч нра!! :slight_smile:


Well, here goes the color on the leviathan. He’s now got a healthy layer of algae growing on him and I’ve started to paint in some of the green highlights and shadows. I’ll probably erase out some places to show the scale color underneath, but for now I’m just trying to get the algae to look the way I want it.


Lookin good! you sure you ain’t gonna paint a foggy reef far, deep down?


Caustics, you gotta have Caustics! :smiley:


The lighting looks like it’s going to work real well Clint. You do what I do, and play with it before deciding on a final version. Get an idea, and then render it up properly later. Lens flares are really tempting, because they can look good, but everyone knows about that little evil filter now. :slight_smile: One thing, the arms on the leviathan, are they meant to be humanoid, because if thats a thumb with the palm upwards, then I think it should be on the inside… or am I reading it wrong?


cool image… very sexual. i like the texture on the back of the croc, but i think your image would be easier to read if the direction of the two were a bit more defined. what i mean is that they look like they are laying down on the floor, instead of swimming downwards… know what i mean? love the texture. you can really really feel the skin. cool!


Magnificent job Clint!


gasp People came to my thread!! Thank you than you thank you.

Grgoen, Ogar555, thanks for stopping by again. I was gettin lonely! We’ll see if I’ve got time for anything in the background after I’ve got everything else done. The reef has some interesting possibilities.

Fish-KAart, спасибо!

Poshpsice, those are actually his legs. He doesn’t have any arms at all. (other people have been confused about this as well, which implies I didn’t do so well with my creature design :shrug: ) The strangeness with the “thumbs” was intentional. He’s a fully aquatic critter who’s got no use for opposable digits, so they’re not really thumbs and I thought putting them on the wrong side would give him an alien appearance that would cause people to pause and say, “Hey, wait a minute”. Sort of like giving a creature all the elements of a face but not putting on any eyes or putting the mouth on the forehead. Some of my designs and ideas work better than others, I guess. I just really didn’t want it to look like too much like a crocodile :slight_smile:

Belhaven. I’m hoping that “placing” them in the water will give the image more depth. Thanks for the feedback!


Beautiful works! Can’t wait to see the finish on this one Clint. love your pencils. Hope to see alot more of your works in the future! :thumbsup:

Master & servant


nice details on the leviathan! the girl is beautifull!:slight_smile:


Okay . . . the color is “done” for the woman and her friend. There are a great many things I would really like to refine more, but I simply don’t have time. (It’s like being at work at home!) I may darken some shadows and such once the lighting is done to get closer to the look I wanted, but basically this is it. Thanks again to everyone for your continued support! Now for the final push to get it in before deadline!


Wow Clint, the skin of your creature is simply stunning. Cool concept, are you going to fill the white or leave it like that.


Your work has very much liked!
So to hold!