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Latest Update: Final Image: concept two final image

Well, here it is, final image! Like so many others, I wasn’t sure I’d get here.
Thank you, everyone, for all your support and encouragement.

I don’t think too much of an explanation or description of what’s going on is appropriate. If I’ve done the image correctly, the story should be in the picture. But I thought, since everyone else has been doing it, I’d make a couple of comments:
The relationship between master and servant is not always a negative one. There is great honor in many types of service, and an individual can become part of something larger than themselves by surrendering their lives to the needs of something greater. Often they find personal rewards they had never conceived of, through service, and the benefits to them seem to outweigh their efforts to serve.
I tried to convey that sort of heart felt participation and emotional commitment between my Deep-Dweller and her Leviathan. They are each other’s only companions, life long partners. Their contact with the surface world is infrequent and brief, only when she requires maintenance or repair on the technology that sustains her body against the harshness of open water.
chuckle That’s already more than I intended to say, so I’ll wrap it up. This has been a great deal of fun. Good luck everybody!


I always begin with some scribble sketches to loosen up and see if I can find some interesting shapes and distinctive silhouettes. They usually spark more ideas and allow me to consider options that might improve on my original idea (which is still in my head). There are couple of these that are interesting, some of them are too obvious, some of them weren’t any good to start with, but they got me started.


my original idea was to portray a relationship between a leviathan and an aquatic woman. I thought it would be best to portray this relationship from the point of the creature by giving it’s eye as much emotion and intelligence as I could manage. To that end, this was my first concept sketch.


As the image progressed I discovered some problems with the woman’s anatomy. Primarily her fingers are too short and she’s got a horribly disfigured growth where her head should be. I decided to address the head issue first.


it looks nice, i like your penciled shadows. it :thumbsup: ll look great!


In an attempt to discover the best solution to my problems with her head, I did a number of overlays trying out different heads, head positions and hair styles.


It’s looking great dude! Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see this thing colored.



Thank you for the words of encouragement, both of you :)Hopefully as I post more images people will have more to say.


I fixed her head, lengthened her fingers (though I’m still not happy with them) and touched up some other odds and ends. In the original sketch she had bangs, which I thought gave her a harsher, harder feel, but when I was testing various head designs I decided that I liked it better with messier, more natural hair. It integrates her better with the creature, as if they’re both occupants of the same environ. I think I’ll call this one done for now so I can explore some other aspects of the design.


i liked her more with her eyes shut… it looked like she has apsolute power, and she seemed like she is really thinking about something… keeping all her feelings inside, ready to burst…:thumbsup:


Yeah, I sorta like her eyes shut, too, so thanks for saying so, calisto. Makes me feel a little less crazy. :smiley: I showed the various “test heads” to friends and family, though, and they all liked her better looking toward the viewer, so I thought I’d give it a try. Ironically, when I posted this image it landed right next to another image with tenticles which I hadn’t seen before, so I might drop the idea altogether and persue something else. I’m not entirely sure, at this point. My original idea didn’t have tenticles, I just thought it would be interesting to explore what they did for the image and the relationship between the two characters, so it won’t hurt my feelings too badly to do something else with it.


nice going! cant wait to see coloured!:applause:


nice one! you have some nice pencil skills. can’t wait to see this in colors. and i looked on those various face shots of the girl and i liked the middle one the most. but it’s your choice. and the new one looks good too.

good luck!


oy i suggest u put a signature of ur thread. this way i gotta search u through ur profile!:slight_smile:


Fantastic sketches so far! Have you thought of doing a less human eye for the octopus thing? I love the texture you have going on him. Keep it up :thumbsup: .


it’s a good idea…nice sktech…maybe you should put a more animals or fantastik eye for octopus:) …to create a drama feeling…i’ll come back see colors and lights

Keep it up


Sorry for the long period between updates. Work has been . . busy. We’ve been working six-day weeks for a while now, so I haven’t had as much time to dedicated to this as I would have liked.

First, thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement. It really keeps me motivated to keep at it. Calisto, you’ve changed your avatar three times since this challenge started, and every time you do it freaks me out. : )

About the creature’s eye; I intentionally made it very human looking because the only element of the image that I have to portray a relationship between the woman and the creature is the creature’s eye. If I give it a completely alien, cold, monstrous eye it will entirely change the nature of how the woman and the creature feel about each other, I think. I want the relationship to be a voluntary one, maybe even an affectionate one, and I thought by giving the creature a more human-like eye it would appear to have more intelligence and feeling. I’m trying to create the contrast between a huge, hideous beast and a delicate, beautiful woman, but through their eyes create an emotional and intellectual bond between them

I’ve been working diligently with every spare minute and I’ll have more work to display in the next day or so



Arg! a bit gory man^^ disgusting hehe^^

but I like concept , but hurry up , rest only 3 weeks until end…


I like your drawing style. I know that you are not satisfy with the hand. and for most of us, it always a puzzle, just to get it right. I’m sure that you will get over it. =0)

Great job so far and i can’t wait to see the final result…


Sweet sketch! maybe add more emotion to the girls face? Anyway looking really good so far!