Master and Servant 2D Entry: Camille Marotte


Camille Marotte has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: A Robot Life

Well another quick concept.

Hope I’ll find better.


welcome and good luck


ha ben tiens un french et un…


Ok I couldn’t work so much on the previous challenge.

This time it’s gonna be serious.

( et de deux :wink: )


Just a quicky one, around the world of Real TV, where masters and servent are not necessarily who we can think.


Good luck, i love you bike photography posted in your website


I know that I’m not the only one with this kind of idea, but I had it before seeing the other works so…


Im not sure if I completely get the idea right… so ppl r “prisoners”, servants, and those big robots r the masters… somehow that we live in an aquarium jar? Just wanna make sure whats all about, coz it looks promising. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Well, first of all the first and the second one are totally different.

In the first one, there are ppl in a jar, leaving their life watched by everyone else ( like in Real TV shows for example ).
But who are the masters?
Watchers are totally idiots and look at someone else life instead of living theirs.
Jar’s ppl seems to be like stars, but in fact are just used.

Real masters could finally be the ones who made this all happen, those wo put those ppl in the jar, the ones we don’t see.

In the second one, a giant robots army is led by a small little girl playing flute.
( Like in the kid’s story, where a man, playing flute, is leading a rat army )
So finally in this one, the tiniest the more powerfull.

More ideas to come :wink:



All my encouragement for new challenge
Good luck


Merci Eric :wink:


Again just a quicky one with Painter.

I’ve seen so many robots in the challenge, I decided I’ll try something else.

In this one I wanted to show how we are put into slavery by consumption.

So the master is not physically visible here, it’s just symbolized.

I’m not sure about putting the exact well known sentence ( can I do that? ), maybe trying something a bit different.

Well, I really need some advices on this one.
Am I too far away?
Do you find the idea interesting?

Thanks in advance :wink:


Well another quick concept.

Hope I’ll find better.


well i think that the one before the last one was a good idea only im not sure if you should put the well knows sign there and show it in a different way. i’m not sure what is going on the last sketch…
and i just checked the one with the jar- i like that one too with those spooky (mindless)watchers


Well in the last one I wanted to show a robot in his chair, reading his newspaper,during this time his human servant is cleaning the dishes.
But yea, it’s really messy.


How about to forget robots ?


Yeah I was precisely thinking about an original way to go.

But thanks for your idea :wink:


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