Master and Servant 2D Entry: Cameron Gardner





Whoa, start looking around at all the incredible stuff, and bam! Come back and all these posts! Cool.

gordonm: Hey thanks for the elevation and prpos. Yours rocks as well…you knew that. Good Luck!

Samanthie: Thanks. Good luck!

Paul: Thanks to you and good luck. Your geni concept blows me out of the competition, but hey what can I say…you da man!

Jezzarts: Right back at cha. Good luck!

xric7: Good luck to you as well, keep up the great work…very inspired.

dunkelgold: Hey Benita, thanks for visiting, I love your kitty’s. Very delicate work on your part. One of my favs I must say. Good luck to you.

Poshspice; Aly, whoa, blown away for sure! Can’t wait to see the full monty! Good luck!

ebrowning: Eric, thanks man. Your piece one of the most touching of all. I like your interpretation as well. Nice to see such thoughtfulness. Gret colors too. I’m sure it’s gonna look great in print. Good luck!

Calvin: Thanks for dropping in. Keep working on yours till the end…push it, it’s getting close. Good luck!

Thanks everyone for the kind words, I know I’ll have more tweaks on this thing before submitting the final image. Hey, why not use all the time we have right? I’t’s just too much fun. I’m having a blast hanging at the challenge and watching all the cool stuff come to life! More too come… :wip: :wip: :wip:


I love the painterly feel of this piece. I especially like the expression of terror on the insects face!

Great job!


Well, this is it, my final image. Really? Really really.

The story.

The mean older brother, who constantly enslaves his younger sibling we see here, has since left to formulate more dastardly plans of masterful incarnation. The younger brother who is about to lay siege upon the unsuspecting mantis thus perpetuates the ever-descending chain of torture and servitude. The previously incarcerated bug of the jug has managed to somehow find his way out of the fighting rink, and is now on his way to freedom. The boy, who has become the mean and tyrannical master of the World Mantis Fighting Championships, also possesses, although hidden from immediate view, the ultimate weapon of torture for those unfortunate few crawlers who do not please him… the dreaded magnifying glass in his back pocket. The mantis, in his surprise and shock from impending entrapment, has released his hungry gaze from his lucky lunchtime partner. Therefore severing the ever-descending line of the Master and Servant.


:thumbsup: Bravo mr Gardner

your picture exactly depicts the cruelty we, youngsters, could enslave the the tiny little bugs of mother nature He He

I especially love the mantis:thumbsup:

Good luck and see you on the next challenge



are you sure thats the final?:smiley: … looks great dude, i like the atmosphere, the expression & the insects details, everythings jst right… great job!!:thumbsup:

btw, thnx for stopping by my thread, & your suggestions are really helpful.:slight_smile:


hi…Mr Gardner.:slight_smile:
congrats on ur real final image.:thumbsup: :applause: :bounce:
great ur concept and expression.
best luck in this contest.


hi cameron,
:bounce: i looooove the mantis!! and the angle of view works very well! perfect! :applause: :applause::applause:
i wish you the best luck and hope to see you next time!





Thanks so much for you kind words and ecouragement, good luck to you as well, I can’t wait for the next challenge!


Yeah, this has to be it. I can’t find anything else to tweak…thanks to you too and good luck in the challenge! loved your last update btw…


Best of luck to you in the challenge too! I really feel your piece is one of the best out there…great work.


It’s been such fun watching you work on your vision for the challenge. You have a unique and original way of creating…just allowing it to develop organically. That is just amazing to me; such freedom in your ability to let things happen and go with it, I’m very inspired by that…good luck to you in the challenge!


Your mantis has the best expression ever! You’ve caught the emotion really well. You have a really cool style. Good luck and thanks for coming round my thread! :slight_smile:


Well Cameron you have done a great image… fantastic idea and finish with great style:thumbsup:

Good luck :slight_smile:


Beautiful composition! I agree…it looks to fun to leave alone if you still have time!


awesome man, good luck on the voting:thumbsup:


Thanks again…


Thanks to you and good luck as well.


Thanks to you too!


I appreciate your compliment, your image is fantastic. Good luck to you too!


I love your style as well, Good luck to you!

I want to thank everyone who dropped in on my thread, I can honestly say that this challenge has been the most educational and humbling artistic experience I’ve had in quite some time. The level of talent and quality of folks out there willing to give their time and advice is a credit to the human race… (something this world needs more of in my opinion)…I’m truely honored to have had the opportunity to participate! Thanks! And good luck to everyone!!! See you all in the next one…


Congratulations on finishing your piece. It looks great! The depth of field you’ve created is fantastic. Congratulations again my friend.



hahaha! this is great! i love the look in the mantis’ eyes. that’s one expressive insect.


I loved all of the expressions! Especially the big mantis. You draw the maniacal younger brother expression disturbingly well. :stuck_out_tongue:


The look on the Mantis’ face is classic. Like he’s visiting a doctor for a very bad exam.


Whahahahaha! oooh. ouch! Thanks dude…


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