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Well, this is it, my final image. Really? Really really.

The story.

The mean older brother, who constantly enslaves his younger sibling we see here, has since left to formulate more dastardly plans of masterful incarnation. The younger brother who is about to lay siege upon the unsuspecting mantis thus perpetuates the ever-descending chain of torture and servitude. The previously incarcerated bug of the jug has managed to somehow find his way out of the fighting rink, and is now on his way to freedom. The boy, who has become the mean and tyrannical master of the World Mantis Fighting Championships, also possesses, although hidden from immediate view, the ultimate weapon of torture for those unfortunate few crawlers who do not please him… the dreaded magnifying glass in his back pocket. The mantis, in his surprise and shock from impending entrapment, has released his hungry gaze from his lucky lunchtime partner. Therefore severing the ever-descending line of the Master and Servant.


Hey everyone, I know I’m entering this challenge slighty late, but I finally had some spare time to think of an idea. Basically I wanted to do something a little different, and humorous for this time around. My idea is pretty simple and I don’t know how much I need to explain. Hopefully everyone will get it. Let me know what you think. Does this work for this challenge? Crits and comment welcome.


hi cameron … i like ur idea :thumbsup:


lol! Very cool. I like it because it is unique! The composition is great too! So far so good my friend :slight_smile: I’ll check back often to see how you progress!


Well, here’s the direction I’m taking with the color. I usually don’t go this tight for the color comp, but for this illustration I want to paint it as crisp as I can get it, as it will serve for the final color palette. The expressions on the boys face and the mantis will hopefully carry the emotional impact I’m looking to achieve. The colors are meant to reflect the playfulness and carefree abandon of a warm summers day in the park. My aim is to instill a touch of mischievousness in the face of the boy that will play off the innocence of the mantis. This is where the story gets told and if I’m successful, engages the audience. Now is back to the drawing board to work out the line drawing and fix a few problems, before I start the final color. Let me know what you guys think. I need some honest feedback on this one, so no holding back please


I don’t know why, but the look on the mantis’s face made me laugh out loud. I guess because I have 3 kids of my own, and we spend a lot of time capturing the wee folk who live around our house. So I feel for that mantis!
I was looking at your drawing, the boy’s face has a neat feel about it, while in the painting he’s a bit more…maniacal. That may be entirely intentional, but if not go back and look at your drawing and see if you bring some of that into the painting.
Either way- what a great idea!


I think the hat could be fixed, and possibly changing the hand on the cup’s postion.



thanks, I see what you mean about the face, I think that’s going to be the toughest part of this idea…getting the expressions right.


thanks, you’re spot on about the hand. Actually, I thought I would change the glass to a jar with the lid on the foreground and change the jar in the background with the other mantis in it to some sort of home made battle cage for mantis wrestling (like that idea alot)… I plan on fixing the hat and other small things when I do the line drawing.

Lot’s of stuff to do still, thanks you guys, it really helps to have other eyes on your work. Keep the crits coming…

:wip: :wip: :wip:


The expressions are perfect on this, conveys everything perfectly. Love the colorwork too, hope to see the real thing soon.


Thanks sidchagan,

I appreciate your kind words. I think your concept rocks! :applause:


A few quick thoughts on the fighting cage for the caught servants unwilling to play in the battle for their master’s pleasure…this will replace the jar in the background, kind of a secondary storyline going on here.

Any thoughts out there? Which one works best if any?


they both work, but once as a kid I collected 500 catipilars in a milk jug and left them there to turn into butterflys. When I returned a week later instead of 500 butterflys there were 500 dead catipilars. No one told me the thing’s needed to eat to become butterflys! So I’m a bit partial to the milk jug. And yes there were 500 catipilars, I’d found a nest.


Here’s the line art. I went for the milk jug with the mantis trying to escape the upcoming battle. I liked the idea for a few reasons. The first being it adds to the story and creates some additional humor, and second I think it will be fun to paint the translucent qualities of the light coming through the plastic. I’ll try to post more WIP for the color this challenge…

Let me know if this is working for anyone out there. Comments welcome…


nice consept I like it so much good luck…


I promised to show more color WIP. This gives everyone an idea of how I like to work. This technique is basically how I approach my oil painting. The orange layer in Photoshop serves as the primed canvas…for this I thought a real nice warm color worked well against the all the greens. On top of that, you can see the underpainting starting to take shape…more to come…let me know if you like.


Have you noticed your kid had only four fingers in his right hand ?

Noooooooo, I’m joking:D

I find your project really touching : childhood, insect wrestling…
About the mantis look, yeah it’s really funny.

I really love your picture

Keep going on




thanks for the props. Hope to work on it some more tonight and start the final color pass!

:wip: :wip:

I’ll keep watching your thread, I love the feeling of yours, very moody…makes me want to start on something a little darker. Fun.


Color WIP. You can see here I’m starting to establish the values for the background and some of the areas for the boys face. This still needs quite a bit of work throughout as I have yet to complete the first pass of paint. This stage is where the piece starts to really come together in terms of the composition of lights and darks. You can see that the orange pops through in areas and although most of it will get completely covered, I feel it gives the piece a nice inner glow in the end…

Comments always welcome


hahahahaha, very nice. I think this is one of my new favorites. Maybe a bit more forshortended perspective on the jar to make it look like it’s looming over the mantis?
Good work.


ha ha…i love this… great expression and composition. It’s looking quite nice. keep up the good work and good luck.