Master and Servant 2D Entry: Cameron Dutton


Here is the first WIP. A bit advanced but I got the painting bug. Going to add a closeup in the forum too.

The glowing sphere is what the necromancer is using to control the zombies.

The dead are walking and they really need a pee!!!


Quite gory composition!
a bit messy but I like the atmosphere!
good luck , I’ll look forward to see more…


Hey Cam, thats awesome!
I prefer this pic and concept alot more than the first one, very interesting composition.


Oooh, dude, that’s cool. I definately dig the zombies. The composition is really nice. There’s a lot of things going on and movements, but it’s not busy to look at. Man, i can’t wait to see more updates on this one. :thumbsup:



Thanks guys!!! I’

ll be posting again in a couple days


Wow Looking really cool Cameron.

WIP looks awesome.
Suppose it does have a little bit of a warhammer flair but that really isnt a bad thing cause the art work in Warhammer and 40K is brilliant. So being influenced by it is never a bad thing.

My entry is in my signiture but I’ll repost here anyway.

Been a bit busy moving down to Durban shortly so having issues getting this done but Ill try


Good composition…I liked your sketch … the atmosphere is good. quite unhealthy. perhaps that you should change the color of skin…she appears too violet to me. You can add the moon on sky in order to make amore drama:)
I wait to see some more!


hey cam wheres the update?


Okay okay. Here it is. My latest update. Still got tons to do but you can see the detailing coming on.

Thanks for all the support!


Looking really good, by the far !
Send me some more of your digital painting pics you’ve been working on!
Nice detail!


scaaaryyy, loke a movie or a game poster, i lke it man:thumbsup:


Really Cool Cam

This is coming along nicely.
Are you still using Painter for the colouring?
Im umming and Arring about using it.
Though I still need to actually have a line drawing to use it on. Though I might just use Photoshop.


Details, details, and more details. AWESOME :thumbsup:


Thanks guys! Will be updating in a few hours!!


Here is the latest update. Some more colour on the zombies with a little skin tone added in. Also started on the headstones and crosses!

Thanks for all the advice so far!!


Looking good so far, I like the green lighting from the necromancers ball, everythings looking really good!


cool concept & comp.
you color tone gonna drain my life!:eek:
great work.:thumbsup:

my MandS 2d


I like the main guys pose. His hand is great and so are his toes. I love the green you’ve choosen to start things off… good luck!


After a crazy day of painting and refining, this is where its headed. Still so much I need to do.


Thanks for the pep talks guys!!


Good day mate! Dude this rocks! (I love the horror stuff ) Cool concept, and lighting.

Master & servant