Master and Servant 2D Entry: Cameron Dutton


Looking good so far, I like the green lighting from the necromancers ball, everythings looking really good!


cool concept & comp.
you color tone gonna drain my life!:eek:
great work.:thumbsup:

my MandS 2d


I like the main guys pose. His hand is great and so are his toes. I love the green you’ve choosen to start things off… good luck!


After a crazy day of painting and refining, this is where its headed. Still so much I need to do.


Thanks for the pep talks guys!!


Good day mate! Dude this rocks! (I love the horror stuff ) Cool concept, and lighting.

Master & servant


Looking good! The whole piece reads a lot better with the lighter background you’ve added. The fog in the foreground is a nice touch too. Good work, keep it coming! :slight_smile:



Colouring is coming along really nicely Boet.

Really like the atmosphere and the tone. keep up the great work.


I miss the Ghouls and ghost videogame, you bring this image and… I think this is magic



What a crazy week!! Finished up one job, moved my whole life in a day and a half, started a new job and still found time for an update!!


Ah well, who said life was supposed to be easy.

I’ve done quite a bit on this one and I’ll slug some close ups into the forums. Along with the detailing and colour progressions, I’ve worked on the sky and also added an overlay to produce a slightly more washed out feel.

Fire away!!!


xric7: Tanx mate. The colour tone has actually surprised me as to how well its worked out! Ignorance has it’s benefits.

birdybear: Thanks for the words. Big fan of your stuff so it means a lot.

Samuraikuroi: Cheers buddy.

walrus: Thanks but any suggestions on the clouds? Need some work I think.

SigFire: Shot bru.

ilusiondigital: Love the occult stuff too. Thanks.

Click on the links for the coseups!!


Good to hear from you again!

Your pic is awesome, howzabout erasing the washed out layer in some areas to reveal some detail.
Just a suggestion, not a critism


the colors and the lights are really impressive here…

also what i really like is the way you draw - really characteristic…


Man, this is looking good! I love the job you did on the faces!:buttrock:

BTW, I appreciate you stopping by entry, glad you like it!


the_mighty_m: Thanks buddy! Yours is looking great, When u updating?

vinegaria: Thanks.

fensterer: Dropping in was my pleasure. Thanks for the support!

Cheers everybody! Gotta go work on the next update…


I be posting now!


looks great cuppa!


No critzs dude. JUST finish it already. :bounce:



Here it is!! Thefinal colour and time for everyone to give their last words.

I’ve done a few little things everywhere but the main stuff is the sky and my adjustment of the overlay that’s deadening the colours a little.

Thanks for all the advice everyone!


Looking good dude. The only thing i could suggest is maybe put of cross fading towards the distance to give it more depht and little highlights here and there. Other than that… :applause: :applause:



Looking really awsome, a little depth would be cool, howzabout a little bit of a landscape or something in the clouds…