Master and Servant 2D Entry: Cameron Dutton


Cameron Dutton has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Beyond Death We Serve

And here it is. The final image for this competition!!! Phew!

This has been a brilliant comp with absolutely amazing pictures. Congratulations to every one who entered. Can’t wait to get around to viewing all the finished pieces.

Thanks to everyone for your input on this one! Good Luck!


These are my concept sketches. The idea is to create a very haughty, dominant and arrogant lord who keeps servants as toys. The idea isn’t completley formulated yet and I will work on the story a bit more.

The pic shows the development of the lord’s armour and pose. The sketch in the middle is the idea for the final layout with large columns fading into mist and the lord surrounded by his slaves standing on stairs leading away.

Let me know what you think.


welcome and good luck. So far, Looks good and scary, dude :slight_smile:


You’ll really have to expand this idea to get some originality in this or else have the execution be masterful.



great sketches!!


I suppose the idea for this isn’t particularly original with regards to the fawning servants and the evil master. I wasn’t really trying to go for a totally new concept but rather the first idea that came into my head when I read the challenge guidelines.

I am trying to stretch myself further and go with an idea to it’s completion. The whole concept behind this is to bring to the viewer a sense of evil domination from the master and fearful submission from the servants. I hope to achieve this.

I appreciate the comments guys. I’ll be going through all the entries tomorrow (hopefully) and send my two cents worth through my keyboard. Thanks everyone and good luck!!!


I’ve changed the titlt of my piece as the picture has developed.

My idea behind this is of a vampiric lord with his servants travelling through his realm upon a travelstone; a floating rock or piece of earth used for transport. I am trying to capture the power of the lord along with the subservience of the servants.

Fire away. Everyone who’s entered has just blown me away. Great work everyone and thanks for inspiring me to work even harder and stretch myself!!


And I love your sketching style… Not a whole lot to critique here, but needed to give you some props for your work!


thanks Steve. Just starting on the painting. Woooooooooooohooooooooooooo!


The leg of the bottom right servant is a bit to bent I think! Very cool sketch though, but I thought I’d mention it because it’s in plain sight and might disturb the eye.


Very cool start.

I’m a sucker for good line art.

I think that the servants could look menacing as well and still be able to be subservient. Sort of implying thats part of his power is their power. Just a thought.



Looking good Cam.
Looking very good.

You seem to be keeping yourself busy mike emailed me another pic of yours.

Anyway back to more relevant things.
Like the sketch. Like the idea it could work well. Obviously you need to expand on it a bit more but yeah it looks good.

I have to say though I actually agree with jmBoekestein there is something odd aboutthe slave girls bent leg it just doesnt look right. but the tats on it are a cool idea.

Love the expressions on the faces of the slaves esp the girl.

Well Im actually going to enter this comp properly this time
I have already done one or 2 sketches. Im just having trouble deciding if I should do 2D or 3D. Not realy sure my 2D skills are up to scratch (actually not sure my 3D skills are either but hey)

Got a couple of Ideas Ill keep you posted.

Keep up the good work and good luck with the challenge


Okay. Going off on another idea now. Haven’t posted in ages because I’ve been so swamped!

The idea behind this is the necromancer and the zombie being controlled by him. The irony being that, physically, the necromancer is so much smaller than the zombie and to top it off has a hunched back!

Let me know what your thoughts are!!


Also a very cool idea.

Could be really cool.I also liked your other idea.
Are you thinking of going with this instead?


Dude, you got some cool sketches there. your thumbnails are very readable too. Those are really nice character studies and i like your idea. I’m a big fan of necromancers and anything that has to do with morbid stuff, hehe. I’ll keep my eye on this one. Cool style



Thanks guys

Siggie boy: yep this is the idea I’m going with. Have some other thumbs I’ve done and will be posting those up along with some other studies I’ve done. Been so busy lately havn’t had time to get really stuck in. Drop an email sometime!! Where’s your challenge entry? Huh?

Arc80: Thanks for the comments! Will be updating some more later, you mght like my zombie studies!

Thanks evryone for the comments!


Very Warhammer 40K. Still, good characterization so far. Keep it up.



Okay. Here we go again. This isit though, for good or ill.

The idea behind this is obvious and I’m doing it more because it’s a fun concept.

The necromancer has raised an undead army from their eternal sleep and bound them to his evil will.

Time for me to start the painting!!!


Thanks oatz. Am a big fan of 40K and I play! Guess I’m influenced by the art!


damn man,got allota plansi love the idea,last sketch is amazing,all the crosses and figures,complex.

i’ll look out to see where u go with that.