Master and Servant 2D Entry: Bryce


beelow: Interesting concept you have there. I like the idea of the water, but I think you should tone down the color of the water just a bit or make it less bright as you move away from the vortex in the sky.

Have you thought of perhaps putting in a subtle form of a diety inside the tower of water? It would lend a very ominous feel to the picture, but will be tricky to execute. Just an idea. Take it or leave it.

So far, I like what you’ve done. Keep up the good work and burn that midnight oil to get it done.



excellent idae for the water.and nice vortex.:thumbsup:
i agree with TMArtist about the brightness of the water.
Keep up the good work.
cheer:buttrock: s.


Great progression! My humble oppinion. Stick witht he tower. It seems more majestice to me. Good luck. :thumbsup:


Ok, I think I am going to stick with the tower and Do the vortex and try to make a face present within the tower.(Let me think on that one) Initially I did not want a presence to be there. I want to keep to the religious theme sort of like the Moses stories, when he parted the sea or when moses talk with that little plant or something, I forget.( shame on me) But there was no figure there. I want to show power of a God that does not have to show himself. I will take it into consideration…holla!:thumbsup:


I prefer the left one with the visible tower :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Keep going on



I vote for the tower, the column of water doesnt make much sense to me. As far as clouds go check out Stahlberg’s site, he has an awesome tutorial on clouds.

Good Luck!


Here I extented the canvas even more and started putting some detail in the background. Will post my final coloring monday.Holla.


good luck to u.:smiley:
always look forward to urs.


Hey mate, sorry for the delay, i really try hard to keep up with everyones works. the last update looks great. my suggestion was to add a bit more contrast to the midground, maybe just paint a shadow pass (lumminance) in black on a new layer to tweak it in, and then, if you are satisfied, overpaint it quickly with a colorpass for having full controll of the tweaklayer :slight_smile:
Keep up your great work, your piece made a wonderfull progress. Keep on rocking!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks, peoples. I will post my final either tonight or tomorrow…Holla!:bounce:


Here is the latest. I just have to finish coloring and do some minor adjustments to the contrast.


better finish or you will not get to eat to night… or the rest of the week :slight_smile:

just kidding … but better step on the gas around 1 : 30 hours left.


That sucks I did not get to it in on time Even though I had it finished.:sad: but that’s alright. I will enter the next one you can count on that. It suchks that I did not have internet at home. So see next time…holla. Good Luck to everyone!:thumbsup:


oh no…:sad:
it’s not fair!!u finished it in time.damn.
buddy,i’m sorry i can’t help u.:cry:
ur work is great.hope to see u around next challenge.take care.:love:


I will show you the final later. I’m in class right now. I am learning to use hair in Maya.:bounce:


glad u hear me,buddy.will wait to see ur final.thank u.
if there some thing i can help u just tell me.always take support to u.:smiley:


Thanks, xric7 I will holla at chu lata. I hope you win the contest besto of luck to you.:thumbsup:


sorry to hear that, you didnt make it eiter… :frowning:
take it like i do: it was a great expirience and if there’s no news from the admins in the next hours, I’ll post my work to finnished 2d, or take it to the WIP for a finepolish…
you really went trough a huge progress mate, and i just wanted to congrat you for how far you gotten! hope to see ya finnish this, pm me or email me if you got news, so i can keep in touch and follow you :slight_smile: see you soon and keep on rocking!


Thanks, Sacha will do! I will keep in contact with you guys. I will be around here so I won’t stray far. I think I will do some more work on this painting and get to look really awsome. I will try to post in the fnal if not, i will post in the works in progress. My buddy Laroyce should enter the next with me so look out for him, too!:thumbsup:


At last you made it man! at least you can play with perspective, dont worry about the past, it’s ended and cant call back any. Looking forward to the clear sky beyond the dark cloud!

Hope to see you again in next challenge.