Master and Servant 2D Entry: Bryce


Nice progression…You know bryce…I agree with spacesnail on the format…I too think you should give this a vertical format…for all the reason’s he mentioned…I like where you are going,the idea,all of it,the execution of your work…just also think vertical is the way…Anyways keep it coming,best of luck to you…:arteest:


OK, I will make the change to vertical format. I also, may some changes to the clouds by making them darker, but I saved the wrong file at home. I don’t have internet access at home to make the post so I will have to hold it off till tomorrow. Thanx, Spacesnail and Virtuoso.


This is such a cool entry! (I’m gunna have to start to post on people’s work that I DON’T like lol… so hard to find any though!)

The second I looked at this one I thought “If Jesus does decide to pop down for a quick visit again… this is what it will look like…”

The only thing I can say… is that, I greatly prefered the other tower!.. I think the new one looks like a giant stone trifle, lol… I think you should do the other one again… or even… a very uneven pice of huge rock… almost like a mountain but not if you know what I mean.

As for your concept regarding a presence as opposed to a visible entity… It is by far the most original angle I’ve seen in this entry type so far!:bowdown: They are servants to that which they can’t even see and have been for centuries before this phenomenon even occurs!! They are servants, willingly so, to their faith and in that which they worship!! Love it! I’m eating a bag of crisps right now and this picture is actually improving the crisp enjoyment experience lol :rolleyes:

Please please please change the tower back:sad:

Keep it special


Thanx, JimmiMak. I am glad that you like mines in paticular. I tell you what I will do 2 different versions and see which one everyone likes better. I still have to adjust the canvas. I still have not yet got around to doing that. I am trying to get this 3dmodel out the way for my Preproduction Team class Final.


Yeah, this is the one I meant to upload a while ago. I have not worked on since then. So, I will be making those changes that everyone has asked for. Well, here goes.


I like the way you put on your concept into a huge location and those camera angle…
it makes your story more adorable! Good job :scream: :thumbsup:


Here is the next phase in my painting. Still having problems wtih realism and trying to give the illusion of scale. I guess I have to do the people in the background and may do some tree to help this out. But here goes.


I have yet to take photo reference of the people and for the clothes. I will post something next week. I will do the old compositon and try to see what is better compositionally.


Before you get too much into detail dude. Just get loose and flesh out the scene more. Don’t be afraid to do things. Concept out the monolith some more. Trees would look good or maybe soft mountains in the background.


Thanks Gamoron, I will do so. holla.


I am still not liking it. I still have to work the background to make it visually appealling. I am thinking about raising the monolith up and surround it with a city. what do you think guys?:shrug:


Don’t count me out yet guys. I had a lot of midterms to do I will have something to post either by tomorrow or Saturday. So keep hitting me up yall’ll show some love:D


looking realy nice.:thumbsup:
love ur cloud and lighting.:buttrock:


Damn, I have the file with me at school, but it is a bad riff file so I can’t open it, sh…it!:banghead:

I’ll post tomorrow.


Ya cloud is too heavy and massive man! the cobalt violet there and white(titanium white) is too heavy to make a cloud. I think, getting the color from photo and study from them is the one fine way. check ya cloud perspective too if you use the distort perspective the cloud is the hardest thing here, stroking in the right direction relate with perspective is the key to make them feel.

Keep going man, CHEERS!!


Since I have not submitted a line art this will be it. Just call me a dumbass for not doing it. But, here is a later stage in the development of diety. Here I really took in account of all of the suggestions of everyone and am liking it a lot more. I extended the canvas even more and moved the servants down so I can give the illusion of scale which seems to be working now.
Fiduciose, I am still playing with the clouds as of now. I took like a whole bunch of reference of them. I will get them done and done right. Thanks fid for your insight. Well, here it is so far. holla back.


I will post one by the end of this week. I will try to bang this one out within this week. I’ll holla


I will have something on tonight. holla


looking good work.:thumbsup:
the cloud is better now.
i think the tower in the midst need more curve to make better approach and not too strong.
and it also relate to the cloud and row of trees.
good luck my friend.:slight_smile:


I just got a great idea from one of my buddies and I was wondering what everyone thinks about having towering water going into the sky instead of a tower? Let me know what you think. Well here is the latest that I have done for you guys and gals. I am going to cut this one close. Hopefully I finish just in time…please respond…holla!