Master and Servant 2D Entry: Bryce


Bryce has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Coloring: diety

Here is the latest. I just have to finish coloring and do some minor adjustments to the contrast.


I will have some stuff up by tomorrow. Let me lay some concepts tonight. good luck to everyone.


cool,i’ll check back tommoraz


Here are the sketches that I have done last night. They are real loose. I want some insight on which one I should do.


Let me explain some the concepts I have laid:

Top left:

I thought it would be cool to do a rat wrangler type guy who is leading an army of rats to who knows where.

Bottom Left:

This one that I am feeling that will have the most impact on my viewers. There is a deity that is on top of this monolithic structure and there is a mass of people that is bowing down before it. I would really like to do this one but there are others too.

Top right:

This is the first idea that I came up with. I like the struggle between good and evil. This is something that I go through every day (money, sex, women you know the deal), trying to stay on top of my game and not let any distractions come my way. I wanted one side of the image to be warm and the other side to be cool. But, right now I am undecided.

Bottom right

I like this one as well. I like the fact that the computer is trying to make its user a slave to it, which is kind of ironic because we all here at cgtalk, I’m pretty sure of this, are slaves to our own computers. Thats it for now. I just want some feedback to see which one everyone likes to see done. If not, I will do the one that I feel will have the most impact in telling a story.


I think I want to do this one. A lot of people at school really felt this one to be the most powerful so I will do this one. For me, I think this one will satisfy me on a spiritual level.


I want to do some line work before I get carried away with the painting. I want to do some extra stuff to the monolith and I want to get the clouds more accurate with the perspective. I gonna have to pull some reference.


I think I want a mixture of Baptist Christians prayer and Muslims in prayer to this divine light.


here is one guy that I plan on having in the foreground of the image to frame the image. Slowly but surely I will have my line work finished, I finals that I have to do for class.


hi beelow,
the idea with the big tower is nice… i like the vortex…

good luck!:thumbsup:


Hi Beelow

Good studies! Keep up the good work!



I started coloring. I am not very far into it but I guess I will have to work more into it to get hyped. All the competitors I have seen have been keeping pumped to keep at it. Well, here goes.


I am currently working on the color, but I am unsatisfied with it. I guess I just gotta keep at it some please respond


nice angle dude…

I liked more the white then yellow on the center… it would be a kind of dodge… made by tha light created by the energy… or the God that was entering on the tower


So there is supposed to be person? (deity) at the top of the monolith? Of course it will be hard to be seen in the picture. So people will end up thinking they worship the monolith instead.

Possible color choices depends on what kind of tower is it? Is it made of metal or rock?
Is the sun directly behind the tower? Or is the deity glowing? Is it night or day?

Dont really have any cool ideas for your picture. So im just wishing you lots of luck :thumbsup:


Currently I think you’re colour choices are to drab. The image is very flat because of this. I do the same thing all the time. you should split you’re comp up into 3 parts. Back, mid and foreground. I’d either make the foreground the darkest, keeping the mid lighter and the background lighter. Or mix it up. But thinking like that should add more depth to it. I have the same tendency when I work to flatten everything too.


Yeah colors are kind of booty. I will try to fix them. I just show my teacher wassup so he gave me a few hints to give the image depth because I want the focus to be on the monolith. He suggested that I either blur out stuff in forground or in the background. I probably going to tighten up the clouds some more to give that depth and work on the monolith.


Hiya come over to see what you are up to, Nice idea will be back to check on updates :thumbsup:


I did some work last night just trying to set the mood and go back and fix some things. It’s starting to look better. I still haven’t worked some of the errors out, though.


the composition is good, and the colours are great!

drawing is like crack…I CAN’T STOP DOING IT!!![color=white] - I AGREE![/color]