Master and Servant 2D Entry: Brian Linwell


Thanks again. Yeah I noticed your robot is named AAU. I thought you made a mistake and checked back into your thread to check. Congrats on your first challenge too! Great entry.


The story was told earlier but I thought I’d put it here too.

Escape From Area 51

John is the base commander in area 51. He watches over the locked up space aliens. One day as he was reading the Sunday funnies the alien achieved mental control of his dog Rover, the base mascot. Rover got up and keyed in the combination to open the door releasing the alien. The alien went to release another alien, his servant. They were going to run outside and signal a space ship to beam them up. But a distraction would be necessary. So the alien mind controlled the dog to pilot a Stealth Fghter and drop a bomb on the field by the runway. But the dogs owner noticed the dog take off so the man took off in a Phantom to try to make the dog land. The master alien decided to sneak into the Phantom
without the pilot knowing, in order to keep the dog flying. Rover was confused by now having two masters to obey, each giving contradicting orders. John signaled furiously to get the dog to take the Stealth Fighter down.The servant alien signaled the saucer and escaped, but the master alien was caught by the pilot and put back in area 51. Someday he will try to escape again.


CONGRATULATIONS dude. I’m glad you finished it. You deserve an :applause: :applause:
Now you can relax and rest those eyes, hehe. Great job and keep in touch :wink:

GOODLUCK and see you around (i usually visit SF quite often and drop by the AAU. maybe i’ll see you around there).

cheers :buttrock:


I just saw the movie “STEALTH” last thursday. Awesome. Anybody seen it?


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