Master and Servant 2D Entry: Brian Linwell



The missile would come from an anti-aircraft missile truck. I’d draw a small truck on one of the roads. The dog would dodge the missile because the alien is controlling the dog, and the alien is right there, secretly behind the Phantom pilot. The alien would be aware the missile was fired, and the alien wants the dog to keep flying the stealth plane…because in the story the alien is a master alien and he released his servant alien with the dogs help. And the master alien wants to let his servant alien escape by getting out in the field and signalling an alien apace ship to pick him up. The master alien sacrificed his chances of escape to make shure the distracting flight goes on long enough to work…meanwhile the dog is confused serving two masters, the Phantom pilot and the Master alien…Not to mention the Phantom pilot is the base commander and he ordered the missile truck sargent not to fire at the dog, but the guy did.


Makes as much sense as this crazy story can:D .



You got it! lol:D


line art.


This is…the line art. I did it all on my Intuos Wacom tablet. All freehand, which is touchy.


Forgot to submit it before? The toon style is great, hope you finish soon though.


Ace4016- Thanks.
I didn’t actually forget to submit it before, it’s just that I don’t know what will be in the final drawing because I usually add and change things as I go along…


Made the camo hard edged.


Yup, definately give you props for doing a line drawing with the tablet. So good job on that…
Now hurry up and just finish your final image. It’s 18th of May already :eek:

cheers and goodluck dude. will be waiting :bounce:


I made the camoflage hard edged like Ace4016 suggested. I’m gonna go to sleep soon, hopefully. Will finish it up tommorrow, or as you say, later today. Sure are a lot of fantastic entries in this challenge…


The submit entry page says I have 1 day and 5 hours left. Hope it’s right.


As Mibus says, “Trust the counter:) .” Hard edged camo looks great. Good luck with the finishing touchs.


Added motion blur…


Title of the art is:
Escape From Area 51.

Added motion blur as Ace4061 suggested. What do you think? I also added the teeth and the eye to the Phantom because some Phantoms have that painted on. Now I can’t stop! Me and my Wacom are having some fun. I also added a dark green camouflage color.


A closeup of the pilot’s face.


Her’s the Area 51 Commanders face closeup. It’s about time for me to post my final, huh? Is there anything I missed?


This is it!


Escape From Area 51

Finished. Thank you to everyone who participated in this thred. You made it possible.
Although there are areas I could work on more, I’m happy with this. It was fun to participate in my second challenge.


OK I finally submitted the final .TIF.


Congrats on a finished image. This was one crazy concept/story. Nice addition of the darker green camo. . I think you’ve done a great job, and hope to see you in the next challenge. Good luck and best wishes.

hehe, it’s funny that the Univeristy you went to has the same name as my M&S robot, I just had to point it out :smiley: .