Master and Servant 2D Entry: Brian Linwell


LOL, very funny concept man! hope you get this finished in time





Actually I don’t know if I want to make the top plane smaller because this is supposed to represent a near collision. The photo reference was taken later just to put in this thread, I just drew directly from the models to make the art. And if I make the top plane smaller, then the characters will be smaller too, and I don’t think I want that. Now about increasing the contrast, that i think I will try tonight. Maybe I should make the alien’s eyes glow? I’m not really going for a Hollywood poster look, or to make it too funny. I like a more complicated level of feeling. Maybe even the fog of war. Like in the movie “The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy”. Probably Hollywood added some moronic obvious wanna-be -funny appeal for the lowest level kids and nuts. I don’t care to go there, but maybe I should, make it super sparkly and simple and contrasty etc. On the other hand I don’t wanna look too flat either. So i’ll see what I can do tonight. Oh yeah- the movie is great, and I just finished the book too.


Wow, so you took a couple of film classes and got to direct on one of them. That’s awesome dude. I only took screenwriting and creative writing in terms of Motion Picture. MOst of my classes where 2D animations and i was also focusing on Concept Design. So from their, i picked up Cinematography and editing. I did a lot of storyboarding too and got to do some group projects. So my route in film is a bit different from yours, but i definately think we’ll see each other there. But for now, i’m doing 2D films and later on when i get more experience, i’ll jump into Live action.

Keep painting and will be back to see more of your piece. I don’t have to tell you to hurry, since you know what it’s like to have deadline especially coming for AAU. Remember Midterms and Finals… Oy :cry: No sleep for days…

cheers dude.

btw, i used to sit on Barbara Bradley’s class for free and she didn’t mind, hehehe.


Working on contrast


Hi Brian…Just see you here the first time…Thats pretty funny,and well done too,real unique take on the theme…That space alien is’nt one to be messed with I see…funny…:thumbsup:

…I’ll watch for your next step now that i know your here…keep it strong,and all the best…:buttrock:



I am increasing the contrast as you suggested. I also stretched out the Phantom’s left wing. I hazed out the ground in the front and increased the darkness of the Stealth Fighter. Good advice, thanks! And I sharpened and increased the highlights on the Phantom. Also touched up the characters a bit.
Things to do-

  1. Darken the blue of the sky.
  2. Increase the rim lighting on the clouds.
  3. Add elevator flap lines.
  4. Add more plane insignias.
  5. Consider (try) sunlight streaks thru the clouds.
  6. Increase the roads and runways and hangars.



Great to see you here, I was just admiring your work. That landscape is awesome. I like the Myst feeling, and later read someone else got the same impression. Yours is one of my favorite entries. And the water…perfect. Can’t wait to see it completed! That tough character you made isn’t one to be messed with either! Nice skin texture! Keep rocking!


Darkened the sky.


Are you almost done or are you done with it? The sky looks tight dude. Very nice work on that. If you are not done yet, then keep going. I’ll be here to cheer up a fellow AAU since i’m finish with mine. Now i can just bombard peoples thread with spams, hehehe.

cheer dude.


I darkened the sky and used Ace4016’s advice to make the clouds thinner and spread across the sky. I put blue into them to thin them. Time is running out, if you guys have any other crits send them in cuz they are a lot of help! Now I have to check when the deadline is in California, I think it is a day earlier, anybody know? Now I wish I had about another week to tweek.
I guess i’ll finish it tonight and send it in tomorrow, which will be the 17th here.



I’m almost done. Thanks, glad the sky is good.


I think you guys are 8 hours behind in Cali. So hurry, hurry, hurry. You are almost there bro.



It’s !:05 pm here now, Monday afternoon.The 16th.
Arc80-And congrats on the finish! I like the station setting. As I just said on your thread, it reminds me of when I named the Play Station for Sony. I was thinking of the duality of the action of actual movements like in sports and the stationary nature of playing a computer game. In your piece I see a duality between the active minds of the people on the platform and the stationary waiting of being at the station.


The sky looks great, glad I somehow helped. As for more suggestions: mayeb the phantom’s camo colors could be sharper in thier transition to each other, looks lkind of blurred. Also, maybe a sort of motion blur effect to emphasize the action going on? Your almost there, and so it the deadline, keep going, you can do it.


Thanks dude. I’m glad you like my piece and really happy that you’ve interpreted a couple of the idea behind it. I wanted to make them feel like a butler. Just standing there and waiting for their master’s order, but at the same time, make it feel that they have more connection to her than just your typical MAster & Servant idea.
Anyway, i’m not going to yap a lot. Good luck on the finish and will be waiting.

cheers bro.



I’ll get on it tomorrow. The camouflage IS too soft edged, I’ll try to fix it tomorrow and hopefunkly do some motion blur too, great crits again…!

I was toying with the idea of having a missile truck in the background fire a missile at the stealth plane, a missile with a long winding, twisting smoke exhaust trail representing an erratic targetting flight as it tracks the crazy flight the dog puts the stealth plane thru…just an idea, don’t know if I’ll have time to put it in…was thinking of two or three fired missiles actually. What do you think of that?


looking great.
realy cool piece.
congrats and thank for ur message.:slight_smile:
:applause: :thumbsup: :buttrock:


lol… they re dogs… and they re piloting stealth fighters… ARRRGHHH congrats on finishing and good luck mate:thumbsup:


If you do add the missles I would feel sorry for the dog, poor guy wouldn’t have a chance. Also if you do add a missle to the scene, where would it have come from? Keep going, you’ll make it.