Master and Servant 2D Entry: Brian Linwell


cool idea!:bounce: :buttrock:
will wait for more.


Crazy concept!!!


Hey userBrian-
Thanks for checking out my work firstly. I really like your image. It so original and witty. The idea of having an alien control that guy’s dog and bomb Area-51 is hilarious. I can’t wait to see more.


Coloring the Stealth Fighter.


ace4016- Yes, gotta get with it…I worked a lot of hours today. I hope to post
some reference photos too. I like the way your 3D robot character is coming
along. The background looks good. I’ll keep checking it out. My first 3d was the
Grand Space Opera…wow, what a lot of late nights! It’s already past 1 a.m.,
but I’m gonna hit the sack! Only 2D this time!

xric7- Thanks. I like your idea and art too. I just replied to your site.
The devil within the beautiful woman’s mind is a cool concept.
In mine, I’m wondering
if I should add the missiles to the jets.

O.Martin- Glad you like the crazy concept. Your Ice Princess is awesome.

dyoung79- Thanks.I like your concept too, makes me think about those days when magic
had the attention. I sometimes test magic myself, try to keep the subtle
powers in mind.


wish i could delete this post.


I guess if i post a reference picture i’m supposed to host it on my website and
not use the regular submission route, right?


The stealth fighter coloring looks great. Keep it up. Thanks for the compliments, I’m still relatively new to 3d. Maybe next challenge will be my first 2d, who knows. Oh, and ya, you’ll need to host your own pics (I use for that). Not sure if your suppose to submit refrences, you could always ask one of the mods.


you’ve got some good techniques on display here, and a solid and exciting composition, but why are the planes attacking the seemingly innocent village? i think some more dynamic lighting would improve the piece immensely


Bringing out more details and area 51.


Freefall Alpha-
I am still working on making the area below area 51. The space alien was locked in area 51. He mind controlled the dog to free himself, then made the dog fly the Stealth Fighter to bomb area 51 in an attempt to free other space aliens in the confusion. The alien plans to free other aliens. But the dog’s master took off in the Phantom after the dog. So the alien secretly snuck
behind the pilot to get near the dog and control them. These are fields arround area 51, but I
am now adding airstrips and centrallizing the area 51. I will add radar domes and more obvious
As for more dynamic lighting, I am going to work on the sky and add some clouds but I am keeping a sort of hazy effect. I was planning to have some blue sky breaking in the clouds.
So maybe I can make it more dynamic in places, good idea, thanks.


Adding blue sky and clouds.


I’ve added some blue sky and clouds. And a radar dome at the bottom. I took some photos of the two fighter jet models i have which I used for feference. I’ll get the photos developed tomorrow. I think the sky is improving.


Setup idea.


These are the models I used. I bought them just for this challenge! I made the Phantom model from a 1/72 scale kit. The Stealth Fighter is a metal toy. The wheels are not to scale. The toy actually winds up and runs, the two buttons on top are for flashing red lights in the cockpit, a jet sound, and a machinegun sound. Serious work here! I just took these photos today. But I used these models to get this initial setup angle. I just held the models about two inches from my face! When I decided what looked dynamic enough, I held one at a time with my left hand and drew on my Wacom tablet with the other. All of the artwork is being done directly on the Wacom tablet. Even the line art. I didn’t want to just copy an airforce photo, after all, this is a challenge! Planes like these are a new subject for me too. Another challenge! And lots of fun.


lol, “refrences.” Right! Myabe the clouds could be thinner and spread out across the sky:shrug: . Keep it up.


Interesting idea dude and i like the humor add on to it. Critzs, you need to bump up the contrast of your overall piece. That stealth plane should have the darkest value and a bit bigger than the other plane since it is on the foreground. You also need to make your highlights just a tad bit sharp. Give the ground level a nice hazy effect to push it back and give depth to your piece. If i spot something else, i’ll let you know. Other than that, nice work and keep it coming (5 days left).




Yes, I may add more blue sky. I’ll try thinning some clouds. Just got an Idea, maybe some sun shining brightly off the jets… Gotta push the edge of my envelope. I gotta move away from my dull hazy concept. This is my challenge, to really heave it over. Can I?



Thanks for the great advice! I was just typing as you posted it. Right! Now I see exactly what you mean by the Black plane should be larger cuz it’s in front! Suddenly the Phantom looks too big! Ha, this is what makes these crits so important to developing ones skills. And exactly right on with what you said about the Stealth Fighter being darker! And the background hazyer!
Feel I got somewhere to go now, thanks! Back to my Phantom layers in Photoshop, where i’ll just shrink them a bit…I now see how that looks better in the photo too, where I placed the Phantom slightly behind the Stealth, and it makes sense.


ace4016 lol, “refrences.” Right!

ARGGhh!- They ARE references! lol.

This idea actually came about when I did a three track test recording,
Track 1- My Warwick bass electric guital roaring into the red became the ship’s
Track 2- My Warlock B.C.Rich metal lead guitar riff.
Track 3- My voice cutting in atmospherically and instructing the other plane with
commands to land.

I might include the short wave file…
Just thought it might be interesting to show how this idea came about, actually!