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Brian Linwell has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Escape From Area 51

This is it!


Looks like this will be fun. This is my 2nd challenge. My 1st was the
3D Grand Space Opera

Now i’m trying the 2D only. Hi to all my friends!
As to a concept, I’ve got a couple flying arround but I’m gonna think
before I leap…I’ll be using Photoshop 7…I wanna be shure I get the
most original idea I can…looking forward to seeing all your entries…
so I will get back with some concepts soon…wow, just got another,


Good luck.


hhaha 2d this time:)?

good luck my friend:thumbsup:


Thanks Ace and Arturro. Nice to hear from you. Yes I decided to do
only 2D this time, but I feel like I miss that fun 3D experience with
all the crazy challenges! Are you going to enter this one Arturro?
I’m not gonna enter both 2D and 3D! Wow that would be a bit much.
Gotta try this! Wonder who else is gonna enter. :applause:


:thumbsup: good luck man


Well i’ve been thinking of a lot of ideas and decided it’s time to put one up. Right now i’m wondering. This idea is about a masters servant pet which surprisingly learned to fly on his own and the astonished master scrambled up to try to bring the plane in.


thats a funny concept, :slight_smile: …cool , but i think the perspective is to flat, tilt the camera abit to show some depth, show abit the body of the planes, and most of all…goodlux!:thumbsup:


eclipson - Thanks! Glad to hear that, cuz it’s about time I get on with it!
I actually bought a plastic model kit of a Phantom jet fighter today so that
after I glue it together I can test body angles. I was debating if I should have
the planes come head on or with some angle. Your advice that the head on
look makes the image too flat is a good one, thanks. I’ll be shure to add angled
bodies to the jets now! As you said, I need to get some perspective there.
I am also thinking of what to do for the background. I want that to add some
perspective too. Maybe the planes could be running thru giant trees?


Good to see you’re starting now, better late then never. A funny concept indeed. Waiting for more work on this.


Working on the line art, did the Phantom fighter. Changed the plane to a Phantom, it was some imaginary craft.
I put the plane at an angle, as we discussed. Going for more depth and perspective. I drew this plane from the 1/72 scale model kit I bought and finished yesterday. I also have a large poster of a pair of Phantoms. The model allowed me to get the right angle. I kept the faces of the man and the dog in the same positions but I made the canvas size vertical instead of horizontal. That way I emphasize height of flight when I add a distant background.
Now what kind of plane should I give the dog? A Spitfire? But then the Phantom is an American plane, so maybe…but what if I gave the dog a space aliens’s ship? Like the guy and his dog are based in area 51 and the dog took of in a spaceship? Should I include his nasty alien too? Like the alien taught the dog to fly after getting the dog to help him escape? How Hollywood is that? What do you think?


I put the dog in a Stealth plane. I bought a metal toy Stealth plane and held it close to my eyes to get this angle/camera view. The background shows a bomb blast from one of the bombs the dog dropped in a landscape of fields and buildings. I thought the previous drawing was too cutesy so now
with the Phantom and the Stealth planes and the bomb blast it is getting more interesting. So how am I doing so far?


Trying out some colors. Wondering if I should put camouflage on the Phantom or make it metalic. Crits welcome.


Added the camouflage to the Phantom with Photoshop, airbrush. Using lots of layers to separate highlights, shadows,etc. Think I might add a space alien in the back seat of the Phantom, like he taught the dog to fly…and also the guy flying the Phantom doesn’t know the alien is back there…crits needed!


thanx for the great idea on my thread man, urs is so original and funny, cant critn yet, im what u might call a silent observer, i wait till the part where i can help, but i m making a simple metal tutorial which i think u might find quite useful, ill be back


haha, I can imagine the the alien peeping his head in the corner holding his fingers to his lips gesturing “shhh.” Didn’t know you had all these updates, you should reply regularly to the thread so an email noitfication goes out, the submit page doesn’t send out the notification. Hope to see more.


Added alien


I added the alien. The story…In area 51 there are some jets. And there are some dogs
too. This dog is a mascot, like traditionally airfields had mascots. Area 51 is where space aliens
and craft are kept. This alien mind enhanced the dog, so that the dog freed the alien. Then the
dog flew out in a Stealth Fighter(bomber) because the alien telepathically taught the dog to
fly. The dogs “Master” took off after the dog. The alien snuck a ride in the Masters Phantom.
The alien told the dog to drop bombs on the fields. The alien is telepathically controlling and enhancing the dog while the alien sits secretly in the Phantom.


ace4016-Just a check to see if this message is going out.
nebezial- Cool, I’d like to check out your metal tutorial, let me
know where it is.


Keep it up, its going great. But hurry, only 2 weeks left. And the normal post motify alright, I was just knee deep in notifactions.