Master and Servant 2D Entry: Brian J. Read


Brian J. Read has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Industrial morning wakeup ritual

OK and now as the final image milestone and I am off to try and upload the tiff…actually no I am off to get another coffee first :smiley:


Nice to see you again…good luck



Woohoo!! Good to see you back with the 2D’ers Brian!!


happy dance

welcome back dude!



welcome and good luck:thumbsup:


thanks guys, I’ll do the rounds and drop into your threads later too. Might be a while before I post anything but I figure there may be a chance of me finishing in 2D this time… I was actually planning to give the challenge a skip this time round but it’s an interesting theme so… :slight_smile:


Nice to see you again. :thumbsup:
Good luck.



Welcome back! I missed ur creations at 2d opera challenge. Im waiting that u blow me away this time :slight_smile: good luck!


really missed u last time in 2d… ur macine flesh was amazing… should have one. Blow us away!.. i will one day finins a challenge… when pigs fly!



Russel, W!L, the Ninja dude :smiley: , thanx

right well I suppose I might as well get in with a concept.

What it’s my mind at the moment is more slightly more ambiguous scene,

an old “human” figure secured in a chair, in the middle of a large robotic (sentient perhaps) type machine, a row of controls for this machine in front of him with which he can control this machine to satisfy his needs, food / water / the TV / flushing the toilet etc

he controls but is dependant, so who is really the master ? .

just a thought at them moment :slight_smile:


Good luck Flying P! Good to see you in this competition :slight_smile:


The concept has been approved by wabbit authorities. Although it means I might have to do some actual work on my short myself now, I have to wish you good luck anyway. Officially. I’ll save the insults for the PMs.



I’ve not forgotten the short wabbit, and is this like a WSA? :smiley:


Didn’t think so, but I try to find conflicts even when there’s none to be found :smiley:

And nope, you can’t get a real WSA this early in the game, only a preliminary approval to move on with the suggested plan.


damn you mean I have to do something this time :banghead:


Good Luck buddy!:thumbsup:




Good to see you again Brian. Best wishes. I enjoy your work


Hi Brian,
Cool that you are giving it another try.
Good theme with lots of potential, i am really curious what you all come up with.
(Yesterday I thought for a second to enter myself, because of the first prize— I want a Cintiq 21 sooo badly, sigh— :buttrock: )



would be good if you did to be honest :smiley:


Good luck, glad you joined.