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Atle Mæland has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Final image…


After having some ideas and concepts about a little girl and robot/mech I discovered that other had the similar ideas. So I started on some new ideas, and this is the result.

The idea behind the image is that the “puppet master” controls two dragons with theese magical threads, I have still not sketched in the second dragon though. I see some space limitations there, could be a problem… but then I just have to MAKE space :slight_smile:

Good luck to you all!


magical threads eh?? i had a similar idea,not for this challenge,but for a story i’m making.

anyway great sketch,i can just make it out ,a guy on top of the dragon.i luv the guys fingers haha.

i’ll be waiting for more.


So I arranged a dragon that is closer to the camera in the front. The front dragon has no wings, and is a different type of dragon from the other (moves more like a snake in the air). There is a reason why I have not sketched his left hand btw. as you can see his mouth is wide open, and I plan to make him spit fire. So no need for his right hand.

Otherwise I notice that I have forgotten to sketch the dragon in the back’s left right hand. Will fix that later.

Any comments on the composition of the image? Perhaps I will try to make some new thumbnails of this from other positions in the same poses however… We’ll see what I have time to do. Overall I’m pretty satisfied with the sketch.


i’m satisfied too looks great


good concept sketches dude. i like the poses of both the dragons and the human character.



looks good am7. very nice concept. and since you helped me. lets see if i can help you.

-with the figure foreshortened as is, should the dragon placement be reversed. as in the side of the master rider coming forward should be on the dragon most forward. jus seems odd he is coming towards us on the recessed dragon.
-not sure what to do with the wings…just keep them on which ever dragon is in the back like you have. plus, i would like to see the serpentine dragon body a little. keep both dragons in fluid motion together. they are servants after all…and he is in complete control.

hope this helped. a little if at all. looking good. i’ll check up on you later. goodluck.


Hm, dragons, always interesting to draw, jet never boring. I like them, thou I think you should make them more scariier (maybe wider open jaws, and more sharp teeth). It’s fine thou, keep it up.

My master & Servant 2d


noob!, arc80: thanks!

misledtomisery: Yep! I had already flipped the “master” controlling the dragons horizontal, since I discovered the same thing! :slight_smile: I am however very grateful to your comments about the serpentine dragon. I will try to define the movements of that dragon better, trying to balance the flow of the other dragon! Keep thoose critism comments coming people! it really helps.

THE wizard: yep, I kinda agree… both dragons are kinda passive atm. However since it’s a sketch I will develop further sketches on details on how thei’r appearances may look. Same goes for the human master controlling them. So they should soon have some personality, either more scarier or more mystical, time will tell!


So I’ve changed a couple of things as you can see, I also did put a simple grey shading on my sketch in order to be able to read the silhouette of the image better. I will start doing some concepts of the character next.


Oh, a friend of mine commented on this. That the composition of it worked better the way it was before, so here is a horizontal-flipped version. I kinda agree with him. :slight_smile:


yep looks better flipped,noice!!!

keep it up!


Nice concept, dude.
Love the way the master is almost sky surfing atop the dragons. Particularly like the stylistic way you deal with the foreshorting of the arms and hands.
(oh by the way, thanks heaps for the comments you made on my illustration!) :slight_smile:


very interesting sketch, nice figure by the way, keep it up!:thumbsup:



I agree, this composition is a lot better. What’s going to be at the background?

My master & servant entry


Prolouge of the dragon master:

As a young girl, her family was killed by the emperor’s evil troops corrupting the country. She served several years as the emperor’s servant, until one day the emperor brought captured dragons for amusement. Every time they where near her, she felt a strong connection with the dragons. Though she did not know it at the time, she had a very special spirit. Awakened by the dragons strong spiritual presence, her inner dragon-spirit rised and awakened!

 No longer would she serve as the emperor's servant! Enter the ancient tales of the dragon master!

(Oh, and please ignore my typo’s! My english skills are not that good yet. And yes her facial expression on the final image will display alot more rage and authority, just getting a decent view on how she would look like before she was awakened by her spirit in this concept.)

Arc80: If I go with this idea, then you will se the emperor’s kingdom set on fire in the background. But not sure yet, perhaps I will make the dragon master a male (maybe a samurai or something)? Thou this idea was one of the first that came to my mind.


I really love your conceptsketch, great idea! I’ll be watching :thumbsup:


Thanks! I think maybe my idea isn’t that original, but I like the concept I’ve made so I’ve started coloring it now. Will show some color WIP’s later today or tomorrow.


Dragon rider! cool concept!


Yep, here is my final lineart/sketch, I will now start some coloring.