Master and Servant 2D Entry: Alwyn Talbot


Alwyn Talbot has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: master and servant

As a species are still in our infancy, in the name of convenience and entertainment we have created a beast of such unimaginable power that some where along the way, we become it’s servant.
( not sure what the duck means tho… : ) )


this is before i figured out exactly who the master would be…


been watching the competion , only just decided to enter! some great entries


master sketched in. hope no one objects to me entering so late :confused:


got to fiddle around with the composition. should have entered sooner. late night tonight, i guess.


wow, properly running out of time. knew i should have waited for the next challenge. fun tho.


Good pic, i like the texture of the metal on the background. You paint this or you used effect?


thanks man. i paint them up and faff about with layer properties and stuff, still not quite there yet :confused: cheers for the comment, im new to this place ! :slight_smile:


if is not a effect, and you paint this, i say,… congratulations, good work on this texture


hurry up dude, no time for crit… good job anyway! be back to see the final:bounce: :bounce:


Nice robot you’ve got there. Good luck finishing the picture :slight_smile:


here goes nothing…


i think its finished…hard to tell… got to do some work now !! lol


Just to let you know, I don’t usually post to these things but I think yours is by and far the best, what a brilliant take on the master servent idea, the texturing is brilliant and the fact that you painted it … …crikey, you must have too much time on your hands. I absolutely love the detail on the bot, absolutely horrendously scarey it is… …that is until you see the child


this rocks


thanks man : ) ive been asolutley blown away by the entries, really cool.
ive really enjoyed this. it’s been abit of a rush though, next time ill get involved from the start! ha- already keen to see what the next brief is…

the final version i posted was really low res, does any one know if you can post a higher one for final ?( for next time )


well, it looks like i havn’t posted my final version properly :confused: so im not even in the running. oops. i was woundering why i couldn’t post a higher res pic. lol i did enter the thing a little to late any way :slight_smile: ill be in the next one from the start, any one know when the next challenge will be announced ? ta, A


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