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Alena Klementeva has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Masha and Reks are going to the next expedition at new unknown planet. But they have a great problem right now.
The problem is squirrel - firefly which was caught in last trip. It was so nice with Masha and Reks likes it too.

The restless squirrel - firefly crashed all devices in its room, include important devices of supporting life in ship.
Masha with Reks had to cage the poor thing and it has begun to miss. Masha was so concerned with that situation that she agreed to take squirrel -firefly to the next expedition is the planet condition will be acceptable.

The walk may turn animal to brighter mood and it lets to satisfy the squirrel’s curiosity. Reks will be responsible for the animal and he is concerned about that. Frankly speaking they have a special magnetic lead but it’s not enough to be sure that the walk will be successful.

Moreover they may find a new friend for it during walk, and a new valuable animal for a Moscow Zoo.


Hey, welcome to the challenge! The time’s running short, can you make it? suspense suspense Anyhow, good luck and have fun! :slight_smile:



Here are Masha and Reks.
Full name Maria Vasilievna Romanova was born at May,5 in Moscow. She is 23 years old.
She is pretty, smart, kind and very purposeful. She is that rare kind of girls which combine blonde hair anв sharp mind.
She lives with her parents and pet (pretty dog). She has graduated 2 Universities at faculties: bio-researcher and veterinary course.
She is working under thesis for a Doctor\'s degree. And moreover she has a really exotic profession - hunter
In long cosmic expeditions she hunts different exotic animals from faraway worlds. Her main duties are to find, catch, research and bring back to zoo galactic animals.
Instruments which are used by Masha are not too ominous: bow with anesthesia arrows, hypno gun, first-aid outfit (which encapsulated in her dress)
She has a dream to make the most interesting collection of animals in Moscow Zoo. She have chosen that job because she likes animals and most of them she loves Reks.
Reks loves Masha too. But sometime he doesn’t like her flash temper and her requirements. And most of all he hates her work dress. He is romantic lazy fellow, and a little bit nerd dog. Sometimes he feels blue and Masha always kiss his nose to make his mood more brighter
Also Reks is professional specialist and his help is very appreciated by Masha in catching and hunting wild animals.
Sometimes he helps to adopt them in new environment. And without any doubts he is the best Masha\'s friend.

So let the luck will be with our characters in their hard work:-)

Sorry for my English , it not perfect yet, but the bad English knowledge wasn\'t a reason to don\'t do my creations.

I will be waiting for your reply.

Best regards,


those r excellent pencils,more…and quick!!



Sorri I havent experience in posting


looking excellent!


Thanks for support



Girl with a Sad Armored Rabbit :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback… I try to proceed at the same way…:slight_smile:


This is looking very good. Good luck to you.


Your work has very much liked!
So to hold!


It is not final variant. Work above color. They fly in the space vehicle. Prepare for landing to other planet.



nice work on the textures :thumbsup: and great colours too
I’m just a little worried with her right arm… i don’t really know if it’s misplaced of somthing like that ?

Anyway, keep it up :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Very cool I dig the slave the most.

Good luck


I like it, but I’m confused. Is the creature with her “Reks” or a captured, armored bunny? I figured that she was the master and Reks is the servant, but now I’ m not sure. Can you explain? Also, though your characters look well painted the background looks very sharply detailed. Is the bg painted?


Cool pic, looks a little mismatch at the moment but I’m sure this will come together… love your concept drawings. :thumbsup:


Privet, Alena! I have’nt seen this at all till now. I love you drawings. And your painting is GREAT! very nice job! :thumbsup:


very nice work Alena and I wish good luck for you !


hey man, awesome armor. your girl’s got style, but the background seems… far too ctrl-t. it also seems very filter/layer effects… your girl looks very hand drawn and sewen with an artists hands, but the background seems hastily put together. i know time is short, but you can totally do it!!! try going back in with brushstrokes and define everything that is there with YOUR hand… it will really stand out if you do so. or at least it seems like that to me, hahaha. but good job man, good luck!