Master and Servant 2D Entry: Alberto Gordillo


Alberto Gordillo has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: She

This is the final one…:slight_smile:


Hi fellows :slight_smile:
Well , here is a quick sketch that I did in order to find the right balance on color and composition.
Thanks in advance for your feedback.


ah more nudity for no reason.

i like it,looking great keep it up!


Looking very nice! Great lighting! :slight_smile:


Nice to see a spanish guy posting around… good luck with your entry…my only comment is that you could go for a more dynamic composition, not so static. I’ve seen such in your drawings. Keep it up!

Btw, do you have a website or so to see of your works?..if don’t you have to get one!

Un saludo.



I like the longer vertical composition on the right. Good start!


Well,here is my baby…
Your feedback is welcome…(as usual) :slight_smile:


wow… the medusa…great texture, lighting m sure your stl workng on th bg’s right? i thnk the guys neck in front a li’l out of proportion, i dnt know, mayb its my eyes… great job btw


Love the colour scheme and the composition. The guys actually look like they’re made of rock. Now when I draw figures they also look like they’re made of rock, but I never intend them to so maybe it doesn’t count.

You need a bit more definition in the background. I know the near wall’s not meant to be square on, but because you’ve left it sketchy it half looks like the perspective’s askew (good word that, “askew”, I so rarely have the opportunity to use it).

And, haven’t you missed out some milestones? Like, nearly all of them? :smiley:

Anyway, love it, great job.


great image… powerful and mystical…
good luck with it


I really love her image
idealistic of the master of all kinds
powerful and beautifully mysterious

great work!!


I like the “hair” and the lighting a lot. The textures are nice too. Her left arm - the screen-right one - seems a bit awkward: The way it’s posed, it looks like it should be resting on something, the way her other arm is, but it isn’t. Also, it would have been nice to see some of your work in progress in-between a rough sketch and a totally-finished piece.
Anyhow, hope you’ll keep refining this. Good luck!



Nice image but I think that you went from start to finish way to fast.


Fantastic… it is getting better and better!

only thing: the background is too dominant and coming to close to the main characters… little blur on it - it helps i think…

(sorry fo my english…)

best regards: Kornél


some nice paintings. only minor crits since its very early on… they kinda look like portraits! ‘thats it ms. medusa, nearly done…’
…maybe you could add some movement with the snakes/hair and some birds/bats/running water etc… just an idea!

:thumbsup: good work!


So sorry guys,I completely forget to upload the line art…

…here it is then :slight_smile:


I also forgot this one…
Sorry again fellas :slight_smile:




I already post it as final image,
ovbiously isn’t it :slight_smile:


Wow, I love the colors you’ve chosen for this. I like the detail on her dress as well. Very nice work! Good luck!