Master and Servant 2D Entry: Adrian Fekete


Ok its done! hoooraaay :smiley:

The Story:

The greedy King “Dalan” has been banned from his throne and had to go into exile to save his life. Shortly after that war is breaking out and they fight over the kings gold and treasures all over the land.

Meanwhile the king, who is hiding in the mountains far up north, has saved the life of a little motherless Racoon … he is feeding him and he is growing very fond the new little friend, his only company for many years to come. Dalan gives him the name “Keen”.

He discovers that the little racoon is very attracted to shiny things … and soon hes training him to spot and bring him “shiny things” .

After 20 long years the war over the kings gold is finally over, but the land is ravaged and many once beautiful cities are a mass of sad ruins … destroyed during the long war.

Now is the time when the old and still very greedy King Dalan is coming out of the mountains to hunt for the remains of his treasure, with the help of his little servant Keen.

In the scene they have gathered a lot of gold and treasure in the vicinity of a derelict monastery. With a greedy shine in his eyes, Dalan is inspecting a necklace, when Keen drops a huge trout on the goldpile. It might be valuable for Racoons, but Dalan doesnt seem to appreciate that. Barking an angry “NO FISCH! MORE TREASURE!!” he sends his little friend of to hunt for more gold.


Hey Vahn!
Congrats on the finished painting. It shows a lot of emotions and movement.
I like the expression of the racoon!
You came a long way and you improved a lot imo! And all with a single mouse…respect
for that!

Congrats again! :applause: :applause:


A fog add on…very nice. CONGRATULATIONS bro. Very freakin strong finish and OUTSTANDING original piece you got there. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :applause:
count me vote too :argh:

cheers and see you around and at the next challenges


thx goro … yeah i did come a long way and i am very happy i went that road to the end… hehe :smiley:

ARc80 : hehe glad you like it …tought i could suprise you with the fog :beer:
cheers & thx again for your great support :smiley:


Adrian! You’re done! Congratulations! It looks really solid, nice work! And my suggestion to you not only got into the picture, but the very title of the piece itself. Wow, I feel flattered… Glad it worked for you! :slight_smile:



woohoo im glad u are here walrus …without your cool idea it wouldnt be half as good :smiley:


Congratulations Vahn, I really like it. Neat characters, nice mood, absolute fun :smiley:
And, well, it’s got a fish in it, so it’s even better. Good luck with the voting :slight_smile:


ur fogy ambiance is realy cool.
great work!
congrats and goodluck to u.:applause: :buttrock: :thumbsup:


ooohh this is soo cute! i haven´t commented so far but i liked it from the beginning!

but you haven´t done this with a mouse, have you? :eek:

anyway: this is a beautyful cute image! :slight_smile: i just love keen´s look and the treasure looks really sparkling and shiny!

best luck with this one!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: see you next time!




heehee crowley, xric7, benita … thank u very much im happy you like it :smiley:

and yes benita i have done this with a mouse :blush::rolleyes: but im gonna buy a tablet at the end of summer for sure …hooraaaaay


hmmm… thats an interesting story dude, i like that…& congratulations, good luck on your entry!!!:thumbsup:


cool that u like it arkinet :Di saw your entry today and its very good man :thumbsup:


Hi Vahn, just wanted to say thx for your nice comment in my thread during the challenge…
Cheers and good luck,
:slight_smile: <- Lutz


Cool piece man, I’ve been following this… cause I find it so original and you have excellent style! I’m amazed that you’ve painted this using a mouse! You should get a wacom intuos tablet asap. you’ve got lots of talent! Keep it up man, and good luck!


Great job Vahn! I love how you switched it from comedy with the fish and all! This is an amazing piece man! Just think what you could do if you actually had a stylus now! Man amazing! I wish you the best of luck!


lutzw : hehe thx lutz…vll sieht man sich ja öfter hier :slight_smile:

am7: wohhoo thx m8 …im glad u like it … and yeah i cant wait to get a tablet and see how it works :smiley: :smiley:

coreyArtE: thank you man … good to hear from you that u like it …your entry is fantastic m8 :bowdown:


hey this turned out great and funny.! great JOB!

seeya next time,good luck!


Hahaha, wonderfull :applause: :applause: :applause: most refreshing and funny story and wonderull painted final image! loving it, congrats!. :scream: Best of luck on the finals Adrian, drück DIr die Daumen!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Vahn I’ve got to say I’m a total fan of your work it’s beautiful!


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