Master and Servant 2D Entry: Adrian Fekete


I’m think the “moon 3” gives you a plus in your compossition, but the “moon 1” gives to your illustration a special atmosphere, with the “moon 1” you have a emotive impact to you draw, and i think with the “moon 3” is more visual (about forms) the impact.


ok thx for the feedback :slight_smile:

how is this then ?


Looks nice! I would still add more dark blue/violet to the background, you could simply try it out with a layer set to “color” if you’d not want to paint over your skies again. Like liiga said, the blue/violet complements the brown/yellow colors.


ok almost there…hooraaaay :smiley:

i put some more blueish-purple in the sky …changed the trees a little and pulled up the whole floor, for more perspective on the middle left…

i still got to do some finetuning on the right tree … finish the raccoons tail

and some more little details on treasure and floor

im pretty happy with the moon and sky now but if anyone has some more good ideas, speak up plz :smiley:


CRAP… why am i here the first one again… :stuck_out_tongue:

DUDE… THAT… LOOKS… WICKED. THat sky looks so NIIICE :drool: Freakin amazing improvement from the beginning and i’m serious. I’m not sucking up here, but i f…king dig your piece bro. :applause: :bounce:

The only critzs i can say is to just tone down the highlights outline on the building and that is it. I am shutting my mouth now…

cheers :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bowdown:


crowley: sry man i forgot to answer :blush: Im very glad u like it … and about the mouth … i will leave it like that… its my personal simple element, like in a cheap manga, wich connects me to my past artwork :smiley:

liiga, Arc, Squibbit(np m8), Art2, Is-boset & am7 :

thank you all for the feedback on the moons i hope i my mix between the old and moon1 suits you :smiley:

Arc80: haha thx m8 … your are the best company during this long process m8 :smiley:
yeah i will tone the highlights down …and the right tree will be trimmed so as not to get this hourglass shape in the bg


ahl;kzkszfjbzddillo!!=it’s so cute!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
love ur charater and also ur avatar.:buttrock:
nice color and comp.:thumbsup: maybe it look more cool if there a symbol of the main characters’s team appear on the sky.
good luck.


Pure awesomeness! The new sky rocks. A suggestion, perhaps a slanted shadow would be nice in the lower right corner? So as to ‘round it off’. It’s a little empty. (Then again you could probably just put your signature there, I think.)


xric7: u mean like the batman symbol glowing in the sky ? hmm i dont know hehe …maybe a bit too cheesy for my taste …on the other hand funny idea if i think about it…would just need a different background-story for that :smiley: :smiley:

liiga: hihi glad u like it …im still working on the floor u will see soon :slight_smile:


Hello Vahn

nice picture and composition :thumbsup: Maybe you can try to soften the rimlight… imho, the characters seem to be a little too flat :shrug:
And i love the Raccoon :love:




:thumbsup: haha. looks cute! i love it!


Great great vahn! :applause: But I’m back again with some more ideas (sorry! :rolleyes:. Firstly, I’d change the dark red/brown in the top of you’r sky, and make it dark blue. And you could try to add some yellowish (low values) highlights to the tops of your clouds. And most important - lower your value of thoose tree backgrounds! Make them dark blue instead of black, it will help your composition to read much better I think (takes to much focus from your characters now). And if you look at photographs, you can see that background elements (in the distant) blends out, the further they are away… the lower brighter values they have.

Keep it up!


youve got such a cool style, and the pic is really beautiful. great work.


I’m glad to have been a company dude. Will be waiting for your final image.

cheers bro


ok here i did some changes as suggested :

-i got rid of the red-brown on the top

-i softened the highlights on the building( altough they could use some more softening) and on the King

-i worked a little bit on the racoon and gave the treasure some more dimension with a little addon at the left,because it made the king a bit flat as it was


spacesnail: i flattened the rimlight now …i think this reduced the flatness a bit :slight_smile:

am7: i changed the shape of the right tree & made them dark blue … thanks man its better now imho :thumbsup:

mordalles: thank you … im happy you like it :smiley:


Getting better! :slight_smile: I’d brighten the trees alittle more even, especially at the edges… where the leaves are less and and the moon shines through, not to much though. That will cause your silhouette to not read as good as it does now.

Hm, I checked your images values in photoshop (Shift+Ctrl+U). And the values of the kings beard is too high I think. I would still add more shadow in there, and then add more highlights (higher values) into your pile of gold (which you also can see that it seems abit dark if you desaturate your picture).

Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Hi Vahn, wish you my best for the final sprint, keep up your great work and see you next challenge. Thanks for your support and posts!:slight_smile:



im working on the treasure … im putting some more color in it and sharpen it a little bit … still much to do


am7: I put some little brightness to the tree edges…not much tough…u will see soon :slight_smile:
as fot the beard…i will leave it like that m8 …the bright beard makes a good connection with the racoons bright muzzle …i kinda like it that way… and as u can see im reworking the treasure :smiley: thx for the feedback man …im happy you are helping :thumbsup:

thierry: thx m8 & good luck to you as well! I am glad u entered this contest and i hope ill see some more of your work in the future :smiley: