Master and Servant 2D Entry: Adrian Fekete


hehe thx am7

I will start to work on the treasure again now… and ill try to let some light of it on the king & racoon

as for the sky … i tried a dark blue with stars …but i dont like it … i want these strange, unreal clouds crowding the bg

i went back to the red bandanas … and i figured im slowly crawling back to the old red king …hehe arc will be happy about that :smiley:

im pretty happy how this whole pic turned out…i didnt expect to get it that way :smiley:

only thing thats bothering me is the kings face… close up it looks cool but from far away u cant see his eyes really…im will try to get some more lightning in there as u suggested am7 …

ok & back to work …


Yeah, you should try that. I just illustrated what I meant, and did a really quick overpaint of you’r closeup of the king. Bringing in light from the gold, and adding shadows from it upwards in his face. I could post it here if you’d like, or you could send me your email in a private message if you’r interested. :slight_smile:

Oh and yep, I love your skies aswell, they really are original! :slight_smile: Will be checking in later! keep it up!


thats interesting style dude, and ofcoz…goodlux!:thumbsup:


yeah post it here m8 … im glad you are helping :smiley:

eclipson : thx :thumbsup:


Okay, here you go :slight_smile: Hope it helps illustrate what I meant.


hehe cool … thank you …i will do that tonight! it looks good and im sure it will help to make his face more readable form farther away :smiley:


i didnt want to overdo it but it think this is ok …

to your liking am7 ? =)


Cool picture, I dig the guy’s sidekick. :wink: The lighting adjustment definitely works!


I refined the treasure a bit more and added a diamond rimmed goblet to make it more beliveable … im not sure what to do next … the fur of the raccoon could use some more detail ( altough i dont want him too furry ) …and then ill work on the background some more i guess…


thank you liiga … im glad for the feedback :slight_smile:


Wow, this really improved since last time I visited. I like the king’s hair a lot. Maybe you could detail his mouth a little? Add a tongue, lower teeth, something inside… Just a thought. :slight_smile:
Ho, and the fish is definitively cool. I mean, like the coolest fish ever.
(and show us the racoon! looks like you’ve been working on it)


to make the detail-circle complete heres another close up of the racoon

just little changes in fur … the red bandana … and i put some more moonlight on the on his back

im not sure what do do more besides finishing the tail …i want to make it a bit more furry and maybe ill put some reflection from the gold on his left side …not sure about that tough…

other than that i dont know yet… i let this rest now for a day and then ill go back and see what i can do :smiley:

good night & maybe good morning to some of you waves


WOOHOO… you brought back the red bandana. Is it because i keep bugging you about it :blush: I’m sorry… :bounce: heeheehee.
Anyway, it looks great bro. Love the much improve expression of the old man and the golds… awww… i wish i have a lot of those :twisted: EXCELLENT WORK bro :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Looks alot better right away! I’d still reccommend you to experiment with a low opacity brush over your gold. There are really some dark values there, I think you should add more glowing light and higher values around your gold. Make your coffin of gold glow real strong, thus casting a strong shadow just below to the king’s belt. Otherwise it starts to look real good! :slight_smile:

Keep it up!


arc80: haha dont be sorry … im very thankfull …without you i wouldnt have tried i think…and the red just works much better connecting the 2 characters :smiley:

am7: i agree with you about the box …the rest of the pile looks fine to me tough … i will see what i can do about the lightning in the middle part there … and thanks again for the help :wavey:


i tried some different backgrounds just to see what works and what does not …

the dark ones nr1 & nr3 dont work imho … they are too dark and dont fit somehow

nr2 i like because the contrast there gives more depth to the whole pic altough the colors arent so good

i still like the original best, because the colors play well together with the racoon and some other foreground elements …altough i might take some contrasting elements from nr2 in there and make the moon smaller so it isnt that close to the edge

this was just very quick work … but what do u think ?

any better suggestions ?

(im still working on some more … maybe i get a good one by accident … and yes Arc im even trying one with clear sky and stars :smiley: )


Actually I really like the colors in the first thumb. That deep violet complements the browns and yellows very well. The bright blue one is my least favorite one. :\ As for composition, they’d probably all need to be played with a bit, but currently 3rd one is my fav in that.


MOOn 1, moon1. Although i kinda dig Moon 3 for it’s creepy feeling.
Dude, you rock. Finish it already.



my first time here ? terribly sorry for that

nice fun pic , I like moon 3
wait!, maybe then again moon 1


Hey Vahn looking good there.
I like moon3 for it’s contrast with the figures, but I think moon1 would be best for it’s drama.
Maybe place the moon a bit higher, more like moon2.

Great job, the raccoon is cool.