Master and Servant 2D Entry: Adrian Fekete


Man, I just love this :slight_smile: The simplicity and yet it drives your fantasy wondering what’s happening with theese two characters. I think you should try to bring some more saturation into you’r colors however. Especially on the background (sky), have you thought of having a clear dark blue night with a moon that shines and some mysterious clouds? You could bring in a lantern or something above the characters on you’r cottage to the right. And get some nice contrast aswell from the gold glowing in the dark.

Just an idea! Hope it helps!


SUP VAHN, it’s not that i don’t like the green colour, i just thought the red one is perfect for your overall piece. Oh and AM7 got some pretty good idea. You might want to give it a try. Everything else looks good to me and i like how it flows. Like i said, i dig the style that you have. :thumbsup:



Vahn, if you treat the rest of the pic like you did the treasure, it surely will be a top notch illustration. Carefull though with the pointing arm, it feels a bit short.

Keep it up, you’re in a good direction!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:



am7: hehe glad u like it … ill work some more on the king and racoon then ill see what i can do with the bg… i will definitely try a night scene with the moon … altough im not sure if i can manage that lightning from behind :shrug: And i like these simple swirly clouds … they would be totally dark if the were in front of the moon :scream:

about the lantern … im not sure where to fit that in…i have something in mind but for that i’d need to change the bg structure … we will see :smiley:

thx for the suggestions m8 and come back for more tips :slight_smile:

Arc80: Hoooraaaay thank u … im always pleased to see u here :smiley:

thierry2005: thx thierry…the arm was really too short…i made it longer and it looks better now :slight_smile:


Hey, no prob dude. I like checking out this piece. The style is cool. NOW GET BACK TO WORK :twisted: :smiley:

cheers dude.


Hey cool! It’s been a long time since I came here the last time! Looking good
I love the new pose of the racoon!

Be careful not to go too dark. I have difficulties to see the fish for example.
But anyways it’s coming up great!


waaah u cant see the fish!? … turn your brightness up … take off your sunglasses … biteshisnails dont make me worry …after i made this adobegamma adjust thing i tought it was fine … … but i make more gold around him so he will stand out more :smiley:


Hi Adrian,

I love your funny pic!

(but the stile is funny and the mood is dark and scarry… it is not a contradiction?)

best regards: Kornél


kornel thats true … but i kind of like it that way …actually its not that funny, and not that scary either … lol :wise::shrug::rolleyes: :smiley:

no ermm…to be honest i didnt think much about the colorscheme beforehand… i just knew first i wanted something monochromatic or at least only a few colors … then i just began working and putting in colors by intuition … it more or less just happened :blush:

but its always like that … i start painting/drawing & i block out every tought …hmm block out sounds so negative … no its more like forming a void inside my head and I just work and then i see & feel what looks right , what colors work for me etc…


finally i found some time to work on this again…

here are some changes for the good & some for the bad

  • more detail on treasure & King

  • some kind of fur on the raccoon … but ill make another color layer over it as the colors were better in the post before

  • i blended the blue more in the sky

  • again experiments with the arm … he will end up with a bloody stump or Hook soon grrrrr

  • i made the King too dark i just worked with colors and not with the burn tool but still it is very dark ill have to go over it again…and again…and again…

and straight back to work :smiley:

vahn out


im working at Dalans face atm

tought i show you his glazed green eyes :slight_smile:


here some more detail … and i changed the color of the middle cloth he’s wearing to get a better contrast … didnt think this would be so much fun … even with the mouse :slight_smile:

5 am …time to sleep yawn


Man, i feel like i come here all the time… :stuck_out_tongue: Okay, the golds, they are looking AWESOME. Suggest you don’t mess with them ANYMORE and leave it like that. THe old man is looking great. Expression is nice and the details are getting there. I’m really liking the style of your painting and how you are approaching it. It’s becoming more of a 3D modelling, but with a different cell shading style. Just one suggestion, have you ever thought of adding a moon on the back. i know it’s a little cliche, but it might strenghten the composition a bit.
Overall, AWESOME JOB DUDE. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



here’s another closeup


glad u like it arc :smiley:

mhhhm a moon in the back … i will try … brb in 10 mins :slight_smile:


quick moontest

something like that arc ?

its actually a good idea…i can put some more highlights on both of them and outline them on the left … its a good balance to the strong lightsource coming from the right … ill work on the characters some more and then in the end ill tackle the bg…if i still like the moon then, ill put it in :smiley:


Dammit… i was eating me lunch when i heard my comp say “YOU GOT MAIL”… hehehe.

Anyway… :surprised doooode, that looks AWESOME (i know i sound like beast boy from teen titans) :cry: :thumbsup: Oh please, please work with the moon. I think it just made the composition of your piece very balance and gave more depth to it. Now the viewers eyes can wonder around a bit more and it definately helps achieve where your focal point is or are. I can’t say anything anymore until you make your decision.

cheers :bowdown:


heres a closeup of the Racoon

c&c very welcome :slight_smile:


Hey! that moon really helps in your composition! And this is starting to look great!

But I would like to see this with a really dark blue colored background, with stars shining and mystical clouds. And then some simple shapes indicating some trees in the background - and alot more glow on the gold. Giving a warm reflection on the king and the racoon. And on as contradiction the moon reflection (blue and more cold, perhaps some yellow in it). You’d get the mystical feeling of you’r king aswell, as the lightsource would be down from the gold. Giving shadows upwards in his face.

I’m not sure if this idea would ruin the mood that you’ve got in mind here. If so, just ignore it. :slight_smile:

Keep it up man!


ok here the whole scene again