Master and Servant 2D Entry: Adrian Fekete


here the final lineart

some flaws with the hands of Dalan but that can be mended when painting


these are the first few colors

so far im just taking the colors from my previous sketches and apply them with a simple standard brush

this is a small update blushes …but hey…at least i started :slight_smile:

while painting i noticed that the king doesnt look very good … especially hands & face …but he will change while painting. most of the linework will be painted over anyway


more colors & shadows and background


hey Vahn, the famous mouse artist!! Looking good man! I guess my only crit would eb the masters is pointing in a complete different direction from were the racoon is heading…But I love the colors you picked as well as the mood and expression of the servants face! I love that whirly background sky alot ! Dont stop !


heehee thx corey

i changed the arm … the kings size & cloak … and i made it a bit higher for balance

what do you think ?

C&C very welcome :slight_smile:


Looking good dude. The arm looks fine and good call on the cloak. It gives more effects on the wind. Hey, what happened to the king’s expression? I kinda dig that yelling at the raccoon thing. Other than that, it’s definately a lot more balance now. I’ll be checking back later.

cheers :thumbsup:


dont worry Arc he will yell again :slight_smile: I cant really explain why…but it distracted me while painting …so i took it of for now :shrug:

mhhm and i think it is too much cloak… ill work on that…


As King Dalan spends most of his time in the woods, and as his golden trinkets attract too much attention already, i decided to introduce a new color : zelda-linkish-green

the wine-red and red-browns fit more to the whole colorscheme but i like this version more

I resized him again, wich gives him a more commanding presence but im still not satisfied … ill resize him & the racoon again and again till im happy :slight_smile:

as for his legs …he is kind of kneeling in the pile of treasure


hey nice style!


a little more work on the background, the treasure and the racoon

im back to the drawing board working on the king

the pic is a little bright & the colors are a bit wrong…but i still dont have a clue, how to get the jpg’s to match the psd :frowning:


Hey, the background is looking nice. I’m definately liking it and the details on the gold looks mighty SWEET. Personally, i like the old version when it comes to your colour scheme. I also think you should keep the old size of the old man, because that gives more sense of depth and distance between him and the raccoon.

Hmm… i’m not sure if its this, but is your Colour Profile set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 or maybe i think you have to adjust your adobe gamma setting in you pc’s control panel. I think that’s what it is. If that doesn’t work, then i’m just as clueless as you are, hehehe.

cheers :buttrock:


hehe thx m8 … yes ill keep the old size… this one is way too huuuge but im working on a different pose atm

im thinking about adding more space to the left and some more height so the upper cloud gets some more room

maybe with more space i can think of some better solution for the king :slight_smile:

and yes its set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 ill check the adobe gamma thing now

cya :smiley:


ah thx arc the adobe gamma adjustion helped a little bit :slight_smile:

saturation is high now but ill get it right

ok here the quick changes more space on the left & more space upwards


unfortunately i dont have much time this week … but ill try to rework the king as soon as possible :slight_smile:

id really like to hear some feedback on the new colors of the king … i think it brings the characters more away from the background and adds more depth to the whole … but what do u others think ? zelda-linkish-green or royal - beggar red ? :curious:


here is a new version of the King … maybe i can work with that …


yeah, the expression on his face is back. Looking good dude. I still think it looks better when he was a bit on the distance (and personally, i really like the red colour pallete). Right now, his size and the size of your raccoon is making the piece kinda flat. You kinda lose the depth that you have before. Oh and bring back the cape dude. He looks nice with it.

Will be checking back later and see what you do with it. I like the style dude, very unique. :thumbsup:



thanks Arc :smiley:

Ok dont worry the cloak will be definitely back ! And about the size yeah you are right … but it looks more flat now beacause there are so few colors and no shading :slight_smile:

pity u dont like the green-brown one :slight_smile: … i dont want to go back to the red… its too royal…BUT…when im near the end of this…ill do a red version for u again :smiley:

ok ill update in 10 minutes with a little more depth :bounce:


ok here u go Arc :slight_smile:

some more colors & shading on the King

a little more blue in the bg

a tiny bit more treasure

a wee little color on the racoon

the flow of the cloak and the hand dont go together … ill work on the stupid hands now

next update later tonight ( i hope ) :smiley:


oh yeah… ermm the hair with the topknot still looks like a white woolhat … ill work on that :smiley:


heres a little update