Master and Servant 2D Entry: Adrian Fekete


Yeah man ! I really prefer the second one!!
good pose and style! I love the side “funny” of the picture …



haha i really like this one :slight_smile:


hmmm actually i looks like a fat little cat … but i like the pose :slight_smile:

ill draw some more sigh

hoooooooraaaaaaaaay :scream:


Hey man, this is really progressing very nice. I like that expression on the second post of your racoon, but i kinda dig the fat looking one. It adds some humour to it. The colours are blending well dude. I’ll check back again later.



Haha, I like the idea :slight_smile:
The first racoon is more dynamic but, the fat one is somewhat funnier. Keep going.


Thanks for adding the fish, Vahn! I really think it adds a lot to the piece! :smiley:

I also like the idea of adding a belt to the king - i think it’ll break up his body a bit and help him read better.
I can’t give you advice on the raccoon, though. I thought you had it with the earlier one, like in post #37. Still do. I thought the pose was great and the expression perfect. But if you’re not happy with it… Well, good luck! :slight_smile:



hehe ty for the fish walrus … it gives me more room for the racoons expression.

and well…im still not sure but i think the last pose is better for the composition when i get rid of the mule … its bigger and it looks funnier … hes not running anymore but stalking away …with hurt feelings because Dalan cant appreciate whats “treasure” for him :smiley:

anyway maybe if i put some color into it u change your mind :rolleyes:


:bounce:i have a question…were you born in germany…your name dosn’t sound to german…good luck!


nice concept!


hehe yes i was born there but my parents are from Hungary :slight_smile:


I really like your colors! Not too bright, pleasant, just my taste! And your characters look pretty funny! Are you really only working with a mouse? That must be bloody hard! But easy things suck, don’t they?! :slight_smile:

will be watching your thread,




Das wird ja besser und besser:thumbsup: .

Coming along nicely, I´m diggin´ very much. Nice work on the sky. Keep it up!

peace, pete


adamos: yes i do work with the mouse …but these sketches are only 1700 x 2200 … its ok now … i got to reinstall everything on my pc so photoshop will work a bit nicer and then ill see how i’ll manage @ 300 dpi :slight_smile:

peteboy: köszönöm :smiley:


ok i hope this will be the last concept sketch before i do my lineart milestone :smiley:

i quickly added some color to the raccoon to see better how the new pose fits in…
i also pasted the belt & dagger from my sketch over the king.

i’ll work on the racoon while doing my lineart…im still not really happy…its a bit too fat :slight_smile:


Wow the colors really makes thing jump out, this is starting to look amazing, very nice work.



Nice. I miss the mule though, he cracked me up staring at the king.
Like he didn’t appreciate the idea of more burden either.


arlutik: thx :slight_smile:

userBrian: yeah i like the mule too, but i feel it brakes up the composition a little… i cant fit it into this format …i tried it on the left side, i tried it closer to the king in a different angle… i couldnt fit it in :frowning:

without it … the scene gets more intimate I think.

bu im not sure… if anyone has a good suggestion? mule or no mule ? :shrug:


Hi Vahn
I really like the colors you’ve chosen for your scene. The clair/obscur makes a great ambiance and the charged sky make the scene quite dramatic. Just a question of personal taste, I would maybe just keep the yellow crown on the forehead of the racoon and let go the bandana. I think we eill still be able to see the link between the 2 characters. Great work so far! :slight_smile:


thank you kraull, this is really encouraging coming from you :smiley:

this is my first attempt at digital painting in a not-simple-flat-2d style ( that is the reason i took more time one the sketches so i could practice with color and shading and brushes etc. ) so im happy for the feedback :slight_smile:

as for the bandana … mhhm wait ill ask him myself…walks away to find Keen…" ah there u are … kraull just suggested u might take of that bandana…i could put the goldcrown on a piece of string and hang it around your he…arrrgh what the?!..nonono aAAAaAAAAHHHHH ouch! leggo! OUUCH AAAAAHHHHHHRRRHHHH!"…runs away to saftey

pant pant ehm kraull…pant…no m8 … i dont think there is any chance i could even try taking it away from him now…phew…do u have any ointment for the scratches ?



Hehe, i didn’t even notice that you added the fish before. That’s awesome. Hmm… i think it looks fine without the mule. The focal points are a lot clearer and there is no distraction.