Master and Servant 2D Entry: Adrian Fekete


hoo, i didn’t see your post before,
the first idear look great (love kids),
and for the second one, you will have to make clouds…good luke, you wil need lote of work,i am with you.


hehe i love clouds … i just need to practice them :blush:

u are doing very good with your clouds as far as i can see :thumbsup:


this is a little sketch to show u what i have in mind for the racoon

a little bit offended, that the king cant appreciate his just found huge treasure but sends his little friend right on, the racoon stalks/dashes off casting back an angry look to his master :smiley:


I changed the racoon and tried some more colors…i also made it a little bit higher to show more of the sky for balance


i wanted to make the connection of both a little more obvious … only thing i could think of was giving them little bandanas :slight_smile:

now they look more like treasurehunters hehe


I like the bandanas a lot! They add a splash of color to focus on (and you could even try pushing the saturation of those further on top of the desaturated background,) they DO tie the two characters togetehr, and they make the raccoon seem more intelligent (which makes his resentful expression all the funnier!) Great stuff! Looking forward to seeing your refinements on all of this.

Just a thought: Why is the guy so grumpy looking when he obviously has a ton of treasure? What if the raccoon had also brought back some stuff that hit considerred treasure but the human didn’t, like a dead fish or something? Or is that too goofy? Anyhow, just a random idea, it’s looking good no matter what!



The bandanas are a great idea. What if the master had a few other servants too, like a squirrel and a ferret?


What’s up dude,

This is coming along nicely. I like WALRUS suggestion. I think it’ll add some humor to your piece, especially if that racoon brought some dead stinkin’ fish, heehee. Can’t wait for your next update.



i was thinking of a pack horse/mule to carry all the stuff…im not sure were to put it tough…

i might try making the pic a little wider and higher so i can play around with that some more


hehe ok i will try putting a fish in there tomorrow :slight_smile:


looking great so far!


here again the short story behind it:
The greedy King Dalan has been banned from his throne and had to go into exile to save his life. Shortly after that war is breaking out and they fight over the kings gold and treasures all over the land.

Meanwhile the king, who is hiding in the mountains far up north has saved the life of a little motherless Racoon … hes feeding him and hes growing very fond the new little friend, his only company for many years to come. He gives him the name “Keen”.

He discovers that the little raccoon is very attracted to shiny things … and soon hes training him to spot and bring him “shiny things” . :smiley:

After 20 long years the war over the kings gold is finally over, but the land is ravaged and many once beautiful cities are a mass of sad ruins … destroyed during the long war.

Now is the time when the old & still very greedy King Dalan is coming out of the mountains to hunt for the remains of his treasure, with the help of is little servant Keen.

[/b]I have a scene in mind, where the old king is examining a just found, huge treasure at a derelict monastery while sending his little servant to go on and find more. Dalan is very greedy and intent on getting back all of his treasure ( altough that is impossible, as most of it is lost and strewn all over the land ) … in the scene he is barking a command at Keen to go on and find more. Keen is a little angry but he knows that his master loses his mind over gold so he doesnt take it too personally and dashes off hunting for new treasure.

the packhorse is called " aldieb " but im not sure if he will be part of the scene :slight_smile:


Hey Vahn, I’m learning german, but I’m not good enough yet, so I’ll talk to you in English:)

I love those quick sketches of the king on the greeny background, I like his face there more than in the later colored sketches.
Its a bit strange that he points with his finger, it’s as if he knows where to seek or it’s like he is sending him away, but that’s probably me, I don’t know.

The sketches of the little girl with the ‘Nutelle’ are also fun to look at, especialy those on the yelow paper.
keep it up neighbour:bounce:

And thx about my hand, It doesn’t hurt so much anymore. Next time I’ll kick instead of punch :blush:



hehe well…he actually is sending him away…errmm there are more ruins and other parts of the monastery in that direction…so he vaguely just points that way…but thats not important…i just want him in a pose of giving a command to the Racoon and pointing with his finger here just states that hes sending him to go on and find more :shrug::slight_smile:

hehe either that or u learn to draw with your foot :smiley:

thx for the visit :wavey:


You’re right, I understand.

any time Vahn


hehe nice idea and it’s coming up nicely.
I would suggest to find a more dynamic pose for the little racoon.

The expression on the donkey is great.



i added a fish for walrus,put the saturation of the bandanas up a little bit and made it higher and wider again so the horse fits in and theres more clouds to draw :slight_smile:

im coming close to my final composition altough im still not sure about the horse

C&C very welcome :smiley:


goro do u have any suggestions ? :slight_smile:

i could change the feet so he’d appear to run faster or i could make him more grumpy/angry and let him stalk away with hurt pride or something… mhhhm I’ll try… :arteest:

but first ill work on the king … i was thinkin about giving him a huge belt and maybe a golden dagger with some rubies he alrdy found somewhere


maybe something like this


im not happy with the racoon…

im working on new poses…these here are the old two

ill post more soon